Interact by doing a meditation. All meditations listed below are free.

Audio Meditations

Bedtime Meditation for Sleep (length: 18 minutes and 01 seconds) 

Being Kind to Yourself: A Meditation (length: 10 minutes and 22 seconds) 

Body Scan Meditation (length: 13 minutes and 31 seconds) 

Coping with Uncertainty Meditation (length: 8 minutes and 56 seconds) 

Deep Breathing Meditation (length: 3 minutes and 47 seconds) 

Eye of the Storm Meditation (length: 9 minutes and 31 seconds) 

Gratitude in Difficult Times (length: 8 minutes and 21 seconds) 

Guided Imagery Meditation (length: 5 minutes and 47 seconds) 

Mindful Breathing Meditation (length: 9 minutes and 14 seconds) 

Inner Strength Meditation (length: 6 minutes and 07 seconds) 

Loving Kindness Meditation (metta meditation) (length: 12 minutes and 21 seconds) 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation (length: 15 minutes and 51 seconds) 

Sleep Meditation Using Guided Imagery (length: 10 minutes and 21 seconds) 


Video Meditations

5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere (length: 5 minutes and 17 seconds) 

10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety (length: 10 minutes and 21 seconds) 

10-Minute Meditation for Beginners (length: 10 minutes and 21 seconds) 

10-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day (length: 10 minutes and 18 seconds) 

10-Minute Meditation for Anger (length: 10 minutes and 16 seconds) 

10-Minute Meditation for Depression (length: 10 minutes and 19 seconds) 

Gender Dysphoria Guided Meditation: Full Body Awareness (length: 20 minutes and 46 seconds)