Dates and Deadlines

Application Dates and Deadlines 
Applications, application fee, and supporting documents must be received in the Admissions Office by the following dates:

High School Applicants

Scholarship deadline - March 1
Application deadline - August 31. A small number of students are traditionally accepted in January. Students will be admitted beginning October for the January semester.

Applicants to Education and Social Work Programs

Bachelor of Education - January 15
Bachelor of Social Work - April 30 
Master of Social Work - November 15 (extended to March 30, 2022)

International Applicants
International applicants are encouraged to complete and submit applications and supporting documents by June 1 for September admission and October 1 for January admission. While applications will be accepted beyond those dates, students who apply later risk having insufficient time to obtain student visas and other authorization.

Please note that processing times at embassies can take up to three months.

2021Important Dates
September 3-11 Welcome Week
September 6    Labour Day - University closed
September 8    Classes begin
September 12  Opening Mass
September 17  Last day to confirm registration by arranging payment of fees
September 17 Last day to add Fall term and full-year courses
September 30 National Day of Truth and Reconciliation - University closed
October 1 Last day to apply for November 1 Graduation
October 11 Thanksgiving Day - University closed
October 15 Deadline to opt out of Health Plan
November 1 Last day to withdraw from first-semester courses without academic penalty
November 1 Last day for partial refunds of first-semester fees
November 1 Last day to apply for Spring Convocation
November 1 Deadline to declare major
November 8-12 Fall Reading Week – No classes
November 11 Remembrance Day - University closed
November 15 Application deadline for the MSW program (extended to March 30, 2022)
November 26 Last day to hold class tests in first semester
December 9     Last day of classes for first semester
December 10-12 Reading days - no classes
December 13 Semester 1 examinations begin
December 18 Semester 1 examinations end
December 20   Make-up Exam Period
December 24-Jan.3 Christmas Break – University closed           


2022Important Dates
January 1 New Year’s Day
January 4 University Offices Open
January 10 Classes resume
January 15 Application deadline for BEd Program
January 21 Last day to add Winter term courses
January 21 Last day to withdraw from full-year courses without academic penalty
January 28 Celebration of Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of the University
January 30 Last day to apply for March 1 graduation
February 21     NB Family Day – University Closed
March 4 Last day to withdraw from second-semester courses without academic penalty
March 4           Last day for partial refunds of second-semester fees
March 7-11 March Reading Week- no classes
March 18 Student Research & Ideas Fair
March 25 Last day to hold class tests in second semester
March 30 Application deadline for MSW program 
April 8 Last day of classes in second semester
April 11 Reading day - no classes
April 12 Final examinations begin
April 15-18  Easter - University closed  
April 21 Final examinations end
April 22 Make-up Exam Period
April 30 Application deadline for BSW program
May 2  Intersession begins
May 16 Baccalaureate Mass
May 17 Spring Convocation
May 23 Victoria Day - University closed
June 23 Intersession ends
July 1  Canada Day - University Closed
July 4  Summer Session begins
July 8  Summer Convocation
August 1 New Brunswick Day - University closed
August 12 Summer Session ends


NOTE: Dates for the Education and Social Work programs may differ.  Please consult with the appropriate department.