Employer Internship Information

We invite organizations and businesses to participate in our unique internships program and gain access to our top students.


Why are Liberal Arts students the perfect fit as interns?

Liberal Arts students are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the profound economic, social and technological changes of the coming workforce, in that they are able to apply their humanity — to be creative, critical and collaborative. These special abilities set them apart from their peers and give them a competitive advantage.


What are some benefits of hiring a St. Thomas University intern?

  • Cultivate teaching and leadership skills within your own employees.
  • Gain new and fresh perspectives to solve problems.
  • Discover potential future employees.
  • Increase awareness of your business or organization on our campus community.

“Our St. Thomas intern has already proven to be invaluable, producing work at a very high level of ability. Within a few weeks it was obvious that we need someone permanently to be doing the work he does.”

- Gavin Kotze 
Lawyer, Director of Systemic Advocacy - Office of the New Brunswick Child and Youth Advocate



How do I start the process to apply for an intern? 

  • Read the Employer Internship Pack 2022 to learn about the program and application process.
  • Submit your application in Learning in Action. We accept employer applications to host STU interns at specific times throughout the academic year. Dates and deadlines are listed in the Employer Internship Package. For instructions on how to submit an internship position in the portal, click HERE.

What is expected of the host organization?

The organization should:

  • Provide a new or expanded meaningful experience with substantive projects for the student to work on.
  • Mentor, guide, and train the student intern on skills that are new to them.
  • Meet with the student often to help them achieve their personal learning goals.
  • Provide the student with ample instructions of tasks and give appropriate feedback.
  • Allow flexibility in the student’s workflow and work schedule, to accommodate their schoolwork.