International Experiential Learning

STU’s International Experiential Learning Program provides students with the opportunity to add a global experience to their degrees. Through funding from Global Skills Opportunity via Universities Canada, we can also provide financial support to make these experiences more accessible. 

What format can an experience be? 

  • Physical: in-person travel to a destination outside of Canada 
  • Virtual: using virtual communication technology to facilitate cross-border collaboration and learning. Meeting with partner organizations through platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to work together. 

What type of experiential learning are possible? 

  • Internships: work-integrated learning with a partner non-profit organization, business, or learning program. Internships are a way of gaining international work experience, while also making links between your studies and the skills you are developing. Internships abroad may or may not be paid, depending on the destination. 
  • Volunteering: supporting the work or a project from a non-profit organization to help meet their goals and the needs of their community. Volunteering generally involves giving your time with no pay, but as an opportunity to give back and add experience to your resume. Reflection and learning objectives are a part of this experience. 
  • Adding work, internship, or volunteer experience to our pre-established International Exchange program

What length of experience can I do abroad? 

  • Short-term: minimum 1 week, maximum 4 weeks 
  • Medium-term: minimum 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks 

Where can I go?

The program is highly personalized so we will facilitate experiences based on students’ interests. Students can indicate their top three desired country destinations on the interest form at the bottom of this page. Priority will be given to opportunities outside from traditional destinations (United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and France). 

What are the requirements to participate?

Students who have completed at least one year of studies at STU are eligible. All academic majors or programs of study accepted (Bachelor of Arts, Education, and Social Work). Students must not be currently in academic probation. 

What kind of supports are available for me to go on an international experience?

  • Pre-departure: Before you leave to your destination outside of Canada, you will have the opportunity to complete a series of preparation modules. These will include: travel checklists, financial literacy, budgeting, personal safety plans, and health and wellness tips. 
  • During: while you are completing your international experiential learning opportunity, you will complete modules on intercultural effectiveness, culture shock tips, and reflection exercises to capture your learning and personal development. We will also do check-ins throughout the experience. 
  • Post-experience: upon your return to Canada, you will be able to reflect on the growth and development experienced abroad and finalize modules on: career planning, communicating your experience to graduate schools and employers post-graduation, and wrapping it up with a presentation of your experience. 

What financial aid can I access?

STU Experiential Learning has funding available to provide bursaries to students seeking to travel outside of Canada for experiential learning purposes, or to complete a virtual international internship. These bursaries may cover expenses such as: flight purchases, accommodations, and program fees. 

Global Skills Opportunity funding is specially designated to make international learning accessible for: 

  • Canadian students with disabilities 
  • Indigenous students 
  • Low-income Canadian students (students who report to be in receipt of Canada Student Grants, or similar non-repayable student financial assistance offered by provinces and territories, or, in the absence of receiving non-repayable student financial assistance, can provide information to demonstrate that they require financial support in order to study or work abroad.) 
  • Students who belong to the three groups above are encouraged to self-disclose when submitting an interest form. Your information will remain confidential. 
  • Students who are not a part of the groups above should still submit an interest form regardless—we will work individually with each student to find options to facilitate international travel. 

Why should I participate in the International Experiential Learning Program?

Travelling to a different country can be a fulfilling, memorable, and enjoyable experience. Learning about a culture different than yours will give you new perspectives.  

Experiential learning entails applying your learning from courses outside of classes, and adding an international element to your education will broaden your perspective of the applicability of academic theory.  

This program provides STU students with comprehensive personal, professional, and financial support to ensure you return to Canada with newfound competencies.  
Graduate school programs and employers value international work or volunteer experience in their applicants, so by participating, you will be able to stand out in application pools! 

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Current available opportunities 

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