2SLGBTQIA+ Wellness

A headshot image of Nadine Julie Violette

Nadine Violette
2SLGBTQIA+ Wellness Coordinator

Email: nadine.violette@unb.ca 
Phone: 506-230-2766 



Nadine Violette is the interim 2SLGBTQIA+ Wellness Coordinator at STU, UNB, and NBCC. They are an alumnus of Renaissance College (UNB), where they were highly engaged as a queer student activist with a decisive role in establishing The 203: Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Later, Violette graduated with a Master of Arts in Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto, with a research focus in continental philosophy, queer theory, disability studies, and political economy. Violette’s approach to 2SLGBTQIA+ student advising is to help navigate systems of oppression within neoliberal institutional settings and work towards more equitable learning environments.

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