Aquinas Q&A with Alumna Laura Rea

Laura Rea, BA '22
Huntsville, ON.


“Aquinas was definitely my favourite class of first year and one of my favourite experiences overall. If you have an interest in reading, thinking, and discussion this will be an incredible class for you.”

1. How does Aquinas work?

Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break and two ten minute breaks throughout the day. In preparation for class, you complete assigned readings and go to class with thoughts, questions, and opinions ready to participate in discussion.


2. What are Aquinas classes like?

Aquinas classes are unlike any other class you will experience in your first year. The classes do not feel like lectures—instead you find yourself participating in awesome discussions and developing thoughts you didn't know you could have. Aquinas classes are extremely engaging, so much so that you often don't realize how much you've learned until you've left for the day.

3. How did you know Aquinas was right for you? 

I knew Aquinas was right for me because all the interdisciplinary courses it covers really interested me. I also love to read and hear varying opinions on 'big questions.' 


4. What are the benefits of taking Aquinas?

Aquinas is a challenge and really helps develop solid analytical, reading, and writing skills. It’s also a great environment to get comfortable speaking in front of others and discussing opposing opinions in a civil and structured way. Beyond the many academic benefits of Aquinas, it helps challenge and shape your thoughts and opinions, as well as introduce new views about the world around you.  


5. What’s the best thing about Aquinas? 

For me, the best part of Aquinas was everything we discussed really stayed with me and I continued to think about it when I left the classroom. It introduced me to new ways of thinking and brought new perspectives on many things that affect me outside of a classroom setting. The Aquinas program also fosters a very close community, which allowed me to meet many amazing students, professors, and some of my closest friends. 


6. What advice would you give a future Aquinas student?

It is quite a lot of work but very doable. Try to stay on top of the assignments and especially the readings—class is so much better when you have a good grasp and are able to fully participate in the discussion! Also really utilize the assistance the professors offer outside of class, they’re very approachable and extremely helpful.