Prepared for What’s Next: Billy Cole, BA '21, BEd '24, Reflects on his Experience in the School of Education

Billy Cole in gown

Following in the footsteps of his mother and sister, Billy Cole was inspired to return to STU to pursue a Bachelor of Education. 


Cole began his journey at STU in 2017 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Journalism and a minor in English Language & Literature. After witnessing his mother's teaching career and seeing his sister graduate from the Bachelor of Education program in 2023, he returned to pursue his BEd last fall. 


"I feel I have a deep connection to STU. With the small class sizes, I was able to make better connections with professors and colleagues, and could build my confidence as a teacher before I went into the classroom," said Cole. 

Preparation Through Experience: Two Field Placements

As Cole reaches the end of his Bachelor of Education, he feels the experience and supportive community — primarily through the program’s two field placements —helped prepare him for his future career. 


"The program allows teacher candidates to set foot in the classroom, which is the best way to learn the profession," said Cole. 


"I was extremely fortunate to have great classrooms, led by great mentors during my two practicums." 


Along with the experience gained during practicums, Cole praises his professors for helping him succeed.  


"Each professor in the program holds a deep passion for teaching. When you are around a passionate staff, your passion and desire to teach only grows," said Cole. 


"They would do anything for the better of their students and the program and truly want nothing more than for us to be set up for our future careers." 


Cole is moving to Thailand to begin his teaching career following his graduation this summer. 


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