Groups & Programs

Groups and programs are facilitated by professionals and include support, psychoeducation, and skill-building. All groups and programs listed below are free. 


In-person Groups and Programs

St. Thomas University Groups & Programs

Art for Anxiety Group provides a safer space for students struggling with anxiety to increase self-awareness, learn skills to manage anxiety, and form connections through art. Coffee, tea, and baked goods will be provided. Prior artistic experience is not required.

Who? Any STU student

When? Every Wednesday from January 24th – February 28th, 2024 from 2-3:30pm

Where? ECH G11

Facilitator? Lex Stephenson, BKI, MA, MEd in Counselling Intern

Questions? Email

To register, email or and specify that you are registering for the “art for anxiety group”.

  • Anxiety group is a closed group with a maximum of 12 participants. Pre-registration is required.

River Valley Obedience Therapy Dogs are visiting STU campus once a month this semester!

Who? Any STU student

When? Second Thursday of every month (January 11th, February 8th, March 14th, and April 11th, 2024) from 1:30-3pm

Where? GMH 207

Questions? Email


Creativity for Mental Health promotes mental health through psychoeducation and creative activities. Coffee and tea provided.

Who? Any STU student; capacity of 15 participants


  • Painting Emotions – Friday, January 19th, 2024 from 10:30-11:20am
    Build your emotional awareness through canvas painting
  • Gratitude Jars – Friday, February 9th, 2024 from 10:30-11:50am
    Learn about gratitude while decorating a jar
  • Compassion Cards – Friday, March 1st, 2024 from 10:30-11:20am
    Learn about self-compassion while making cards
  • Self-Care Paint & Plant – Friday, April 5th, 2024 from 10:30-11:50am
    Learn about self-care while painting a plant pot and potting a plant

Where? Wabanaki Student Centre JDH 209

Facilitator? Brittany Sprague, MSW, RSW, Mental Health Coordinator

Questions? Email 

  • Pre-registration is not required. Each session has a capacity of 15 participants and is first come first served.

University of New Brunswick Counselling Services Groups & Programs 

Connection 101 is a four week group for students looking to learn about building healthy relationships with friends, family, partners, and peers. Through journaling and discussion, you will explore relational self-awareness questions and develop skills in relationship dynamics.

Who? Any STU or UNB student

When? Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30pm starting February 13th, 2024

Where? Group Room, 2nd floor, CC Jones Student Services Centre, UNB

To register, email with your name, student number and phone number 

*Note: this group is not for couples or specifically focused on romantic relationships


Creative Coping is a six week group for students looking for alternative ways to improve their mental health, manage problems, and connect with others using a variety of art therapy techniques, such as painting, art journaling, collage, and mixed media.

Who? Any STU or UNB student

When? Fridays from 10:30 a.m.-12 noon, starting February 9th, 2024

Where? Group Room, 2nd floor, CC Jones Student Services Centre, UNB

To register, email with your name, student number & phone number

*This experiential therapy group requires no background or skill level in art!


Move 4 Mind provides a transformative four-session program designed to initiate and guide you on your path to physical activity and enhanced mental wellbeing. This group provides support in overcoming barriers to staying active, building motivation, and cultivating a mindset and equipping you with the tools necessary to initiate and maintain physical activity independently.

Who? Any STU or UNB student


Group A- Wednesdays, Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14 at 9:30am

Group B- Thursdays, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22 at 2:30pm

Group C- Thursdays, Feb 29, Mar 14, Mar 21, Mar 28 at 2:30pm

Group D- Wednesdays, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3 at 9:30am

Where? Group Room, 2nd floor, CC Jones Student Services Centre, UNB

To register, email and include your name, student number, and phone number.


Peer Support Circle is a space open to students to share challenges, frustrations, and anxieties with peers in a safe, inclusive, and confidential environment. There will be different themes weekly surrounding stigma, discrimination, loneliness, overwhelm, burnout, self-care, etc. Every second session will be specifically focused on international students’ adjustment to a new culture, homesickness, financial burdens, etc.

Who? Any STU or UNB Fredericton student, up to 6 students can attend

When? Thursdays from 1:30-2:30pm, starting February 8th

Where? Peer Support Room, 2nd floor, CC Jones Student Services Centre, UNB

Drop in weekly- doors open at 1:15pm


STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving) is a group for students struggling to regulate intense emotions, anxiety, depression, anger, and self-destructive impulses. STEPPS group provides cognitive-behavioural skills and is empirically proven to be effective for people struggling with borderline personality disorder/emotional intensity difficulties. Participants will learn that thoughts and behaviours can be changed, and feelings can be tolerated and managed by applying emotion and behavioural management skills.

Who? Any STU or UNB student

When? Wednesdays, January 10th – April 3rd, 2024 from 2:30-4:30pm

Where? Group Room, 2nd floor, CC Jones Student Services Centre, UNB

To register, you need to have had an appointment with UNB Counselling Services (email and include your name, student number, and phone number)or Brittany Sprague, Mental Health Coordinator at STU (email and state that you’re interested in the STEPPS group).


Groups & Programs in the Fredericton Community

Sexual Violence New Brunswick Lotus Group is a six week support group for students to connect to safety and stability after sexual violence.

Who? Any STU or UNB student looking for support after sexual violence

When? Starting February 22, 2024

Facilitator? Sexual Violence New Brunswick

To register or for more information, email

Virtual Groups and Programs

AFFIRM! offers an 8-week program for gender diverse individuals (ages 16-25), focusing on exploring care options and well-being. Sessions are weekly and 60 minutes in length. This program closes after intake and has a capacity of 10 participants. Overflow applicants will be added to a waitlist.

Who? Gender diverse individuals ages 16-25, up to 10 participants

When? Thursdays, from 6:30-7:30pm AST

Where? Online via Microsoft Teams

To register, fill out the registration form


Craftivism For 2SLGBTQIA+ Justice are monthly Craftivism sessions for 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, blending arts with activism. Open to people age 14+, sessions focus on crafting for social justice causes, promoting solidarity and empowerment. Participants must provide their own supplies, with financial support available to those in need.

Who? 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals over age 14

When? First Wednesday of every month, from 7:30-9:00pm AST

Where? Online via Microsoft Teams

To register, fill out this registration form


Rural Queers Connect offers community and support for queer and gender diverse individuals in rural areas across Canada. This group facilitates connections, resource-sharing, and peer advice for 2LGBTQIA+ members.

Who? 2LGBTQIA+ individuals

When? The third Tuesday of every month, from 7:00-8:00pm AST

Where? Online via Microsoft Teams

To register, fill out this registration form


The Beading Circle is a virtual space where bead artists can gather and learn from one another. Guest artists typically present during sessions. Two beading circles hosted when possible. One is specifically for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals.

Who? Any students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous

Where? Online via Microsoft Teams

To register for the Beading Circle, fill out this registration form  

To register for the 2SLGBTQ+ Beading Circle, fill out this registration form.