Schedule of Fees 2023-2024

These fees include all the regular charges of the university for the full academic year for registration, tuition, libraries and other academic services, athletics, creative arts, and accident insurance.


Students may also access their financial accounts anytime via their STU Self Service accounts. Fees for 2023-24 should be posted to student accounts during the week of August 14, 2023 for all registered students.

Arts and Education 

Tuition — Arts and Education Canadian International
Bachelor of Arts $8,280 $18,610
Post-degree Bachelor of Education $11,544 $23,583
Part-time (per three credit hour course) $831 $1,689

Social Work 

Tuition — Social Work Canadian International
Bachelor of Social Work  $9,193  $18,845 
Master of Social Work $1,029 per three credit hour course  $2,106 per three credit hour course 

Residence and Meal Plans  

Residence Fees: Holy Cross
Double Room $5,802
Single Room  $8,791
Single Room (Ensuite) $9,847


Residence Fees: Harrington Hall, Vanier Hall
Double Room $6,218
Single Room  $9,247
Single Room (Ensuite) $10,302 

Windsor Street: $5,064


Meal Plan Only
Freedom Plan with $100 Flex Dollars  $4,895
Meal Plan (14 meals) with $250 Flex Dollars  $4,665
Meal Plan (10 meals) with $300 Flex Dollars  $3,942

Learn more about each plan by going to Meal Plans in the Residence Life section of the website.


Other residence fees are:
Damage Deposit (refundable) $250
Laundry Fees $65
House Dues $50
Mini Fridge Rental (single)  $125
Mini Fridge Rental (double) $62.50

 Health Fees

Health Fees
Health Plan Dental Plan
Single - $282.03 Single - $139.87
Family - $614.11 Family - $262.73 

Student Fees 

Student Fees:
Student Union Full-time $179.50 $29 per 3 credit hour course
Welcome Week Fees $80 for first-year students just out of high school
Student's Union Media Fees $33 full-time  
Mental Health Fee $50 full-time $5 per 3 credit hour course
Facility Renewal Fee $150 full-time $15 part time per three credit hours
Technology Fee $150 full-time $15 part time per three credit hours
Universal Bus Pass Fee $160 full-time  
Student Health Centre Fee $50  
Health Plan Fee (International Students) $264  
Journalism Fee (3rd & 4th Year) $250  
Education Practicum Fee $500  
Recreation and Wellness Fee $25  

Part-time is defined as registration in six credit hours or less per semester.


The Students’ Union requires all full-time students to pay an annual fee to support student organizations. The students’ union fee is not refundable and is payable on or before registration. Compulsory student fees are the same for Canadian and International students.


A discount of 10% may be available on tuition fees when two or more immediate members of the same family attend St. Thomas University concurrently on a full time basis. This discount is not available to major scholarship recipients or to dependents of university employees.


Applicants who have reached the age of sixty years are eligible to apply for a rebate of 50% of normal tuition fees. 

Payment Schedules 2022-2023


Bachelor of Arts — Canadian Students
Bachelor of Arts — International Students

Bachelor of Social Work 

Bachelor of Education 

Master of Social Work — Full-Time Students 

Payment Schedule for MSW Part-Time - 2022



Residence and Meal Plans

Harrington Hall and Vanier Hall 

Holy Cross House

Windsor Street

Payment Deadlines/Plans

The last day to confirm enrolment by arranging payment of fees is September 16, 2022. Balances are due in full by January 13, 2023. Students are encouraged to review their webadvisor account in December to ensure charges owing for January have been accurately reflected.

Note: In some situations St. Thomas University will consider payment plans for students. To be considered for a payment plan students must complete the “Payment Plan Application”.  Students will only be considered for a payment plan if they pay their first semester fees in full and prove they can pay the remainder instalments. 

Payment Options

Please note: Effective September 1st, 2009 ended the option of using credit cards to pay tuition and residence fees. This change saves the university more than $100,000 annually in transaction fee payments to credit card companies. Students will still be able to pay their tuition and residence fees through a variety of options: student loan, cheque, cash, money order, debit (in person or internet banking) and bank wire.

Federal and Provincial Student Loans

Students who apply for and are granted federal or provincial student loans can use these funds to pay their tuition and fees.  For Information on how to apply for student loans, please visit the following website:  http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/index.shtml


The Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECE) system allows the University to electronically deduct the amount owing to the University from your loan as long as your course registration is complete.


If you have any questions about the status of your student loan, please contact your provincial loan provider.

If you are aware that your loan is going to be delayed for any reason, and that you may not make the payment deadline, it is your responsibility to provide a proof of assessment notice confirming your funding.


Master of Social Work Program

The MSW Program has been approved by ​the Canada Student Loan​s Program and full-time students may be eligible to access financial aid to support their studies. Please note: this process includes a Program Information Form (PIF) completed by Financial Services.



You can pay for admission and residence deposits, tuition and fees, residence fees, meal plans, and all other payments online or in person. 


PayMyTuition online portal 

St. Thomas University has partnered with PayMyTuition to allow students to pay admission and residence deposits, tuition and fees, residence fees, meal plans, and all other payments online. 

PayMyTuition online portal — domestic payments 


With PayMyTuition, you can fund your payments from a Canadian financial institution via: 

  • Online Bill Payment 
  • Interac 
  • Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex) 

PayMyTuition Portal


PayMyTuition online portal — international payments 


St. Thomas University has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple, and cost effective. 


PayMyTuition Portal (International)  


Other Methods of Payment


Payment may be made in person at Financial Services (GMH 103) at any time by cash, debit or money order. Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday. 


While we encourage domestic students to pay through the convenient PayMyTution portal, payment may also be made via internet banking though several of Canada’s chartered banks. St. Thomas will be notified of the payment within 24 hours and your student account will be updated accordingly. Currently, payment can be made at the following: 


Bank of Montreal www.bmo.ca
Bank of Nova Scotia www.scotiabank.com
CIBC www.cibc.com
Royal Bank www.royalbank.ca
TD Canada Trust www.tdcanadatrust.com
National Bank www.nbc.ca

The account number required to set up your account for internet banking includes your six or seven digit STU identification number as well as the first four or three letters of your last name. For example: 


Six Digit - John Smith STU ID 912345 would have an internet banking account of 912345SMIT.

Seven Digit - John Smith STU ID 1012345 would have an internet banking account of 1012345SMI. 


While we encourage International Students to use the convenient PayMyTuition online portal option, payments can also be wired directly to St. Thomas University from any financial institution using the following information: 


Pay to: 

Bank of Montreal, Swift Address BOFMCAM2
29 Dineen Drive
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3
Bank # 001
Transit # 02494
Account# 1010412 


Please ensure your STU identification number is included with the payment.  


For more information on student loans, please visit the Financial Aid section of the university's website. 


HigherEdPoints Program 


St. Thomas students can now fund their tuition by converting Aeroplan® Miles through HigherEdPoints.com 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles can be converted into $250 worth of tuition credits.

The Aeroplan® Miles can also be used towards residence fees and meal plan credits. Students can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school. Anyone can donate their points to an individual student or directly to St. Thomas for students in need. For more information and to set up an account, please visit: http://www.higheredpoints.com/

Student Health Plan

Full-time students participate in a Student Health Plan which provides supplementary coverage for prescription drugs and major medical expenses not included in provincial Medicare plans. Full-time students also have the option to participate in a Student Dental Plan. Coverage under these plans extends from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. Complete information on the plans is available at www.studentbenefits.ca.

Participation in the Student Health Plan is mandatory unless proof of other medical insurance is presented. Participation in the Student Dental Plan is optional. This year, the single plan fees for health and dental have been placed on each student’s account and will remain to be paid unless they are waived by the process described below.

If you do not require health or dental benefits under the student plans, you must opt-out by October 14. The fees for the health and dental plans will be reversed in full after October 17 upon successfully completing the waiver forms. Refer to the opt-out tab at www.studentbenefits.ca and complete the required information. An e-mail confirming you have waived coverage will be sent on completion. You should save this receipt for your records.

International Student Health Plan

Effective September 1, 2017 full-time international students are eligible to apply for New Brunswick Medicare. Each student is responsible to apply for coverage. Program information, eligibility requirements and The Application for Registration.

The Health Plan Fee of $264 will cover international students for the period before the New Brunswick Medicare takes effect. This Guard.me health plan fee is mandatory and includes coverage for emergency medical services, similar to the New Brunswick Medicare plan, including physician care, for the first semester from September 1 to December 31.

Please note that students who have not obtained proof of New Brunswick Medicare coverage by December 15 will be charged an additional $400 for the January to August period. Proof of Medicare coverage from the Province of New Brunswick must be presented to Financial Services to avoid further charges for the Guard.me plan.

The Guard.me health plan fee also includes emergency health services coverage for  international students travelling outside of Canada. Travel is limited to 30 days or less except for USA which is limited to 15 days or less. The student’s home country is excluded. Coverage for travel outside of Canada is effective for the twelve months ending August 31 as New Brunswick Medicare will not extend to coverage outside of the country.