Roger Miranda: Letter to a Future STUdent

A man wearing glasses and red scarf stands in front of a colorful paintingDEAR FUTURE STUDENT,

My name is Roger Jose Miranda Serrano, and I am originally from Nicaragua. I came to St. Thomas University in 2011 to study international relations. I chose STU because I heard it was a university filled with opportunities, it had small class sizes so I wouldn’t be just a number to my professors, and the community was welcoming. I found this all to be true. 



I graduated in 2015 with an honours in Political Economy, a major in International Relations, and a minor in French.  Halfway through my degree, after taking  courses with  Dr. Andrew Secord,  I was inspired to pursue a career in economics. I still wanted to study international relations at STU, which I had heard was one of the best programs in Atlantic Canada under the supervision of Dr. Shaun Narine. I was at a crossroads, but academic advisors were there to help me make the best decision. I learned about the Political Economy program, which was the best of both worlds, combining my newly discovered love for Economics with the political background I wanted to pursue originally.  



The STU community made this university the best place for me. As an international student, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by both  international and Canadian friends. I lived in residence for my four years at STU, which helped me get to know lots of people from various backgrounds. I worked for Residence Life during my last two years at STU, which improved my sense of belonging in my community, my organizational skills and discipline. I also participated in International Student Association events, which encouraged me to share my pride in where I’m from, but also to appreciate other cultures and traditions. Coming from a country that doesn’t have snow, I tried every possible winter activity. This got me involved in the community outside of university and allowed me to call this place my home today. Fredericton is a small and secure city that has everything you need. In fact, I liked it so much here that I ended up convincing my brother to come to STU too.   



I am now a Senior Economist for the Government of New Brunswick, and I thank STU for not only preparing me with the necessary skills and courses to become an economist but also for the social, critical-thinking, organizational, and problem-solving skills I developed while I was there. Having small class sizes allowed me to establish stronger relationships with my professors and classmates, which helped when I was looking for a reference for my master’s degree and my current job.  If you’re considering STU, my advice would be to come to this place with an open mind and let it surprise you! The tight-knit campus community will support you every step of your career and life, I can assure you of that.



Roger Jose Miranda Serrano