Robyn Metcalfe: Letter to a Future STUdent

A woman with glasses and braided hair wearing a navy patterned dress leans against a railing in front of a cityDEAR FUTURE STUDENT,

My name is Robyn Metcalfe, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Sociology and Psychology and a minor in Human Rights in 2019. I moved to Fredericton from Halifax, Nova Scotia to attend STU. 



The first time I visited STU was in February 2015, and I instantly fell in love with the campus, academics, and extra-curricular opportunities. Even in the dead of winter, I knew STU was the right fit for me. I was drawn to the liberal arts focus, small class sizes, and how welcoming every professor, staff member, and student was during my visit.  


After graduation, I moved to Ottawa to pursue a  Bachelor of Social Work from Carleton University. I graduated from this program in December 2020, and moved back home to Nova Scotia. In May 2021 I started my virtual Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Carleton University, while working full-time as a Housing Intensive Case Manager at the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre.



During my time at STU I was very involved in the community. I was a member of the Global Brigades, Best Buddies, the Students’ Union, Shinerama, and Rotatact. I also ran the Peer Mentoring Program and was the Student Tour Coordinator. This means I got to show many prospective students the beauty and joy that is STU. In my fourth year, I also had a position through the Experiential Learning Office as a research assistant for an Intergenerational Housing Project with The Ville—a community organization in Fredericton. 



Living in residence is a great way to make friends. I was nervous to move away from home and try to meet new people. I lived in Harrington Hall for my first year and was a Residence Advisor and a Residence Coordinator in my upper years, and I am here to tell you that it will be just fine! You might not meet all your best friends on the first day, but you will gain best friends over the years that will be in your life forever. When things get hard, call your loved ones back home, access the many support services offered by STU, and get involved in the community! You will meet your people; I guarantee it. 



I wouldn’t be who I am today without my experiences at STU. I learned in class of course, but I also learned a lot about myself, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to take my life. At STU, I learned about society and social justice, and discovered I wanted to go into Social Work.


There truly isn’t anything in life I would recommend more than STU. From the beautiful campus to the academics and the many fantastic people you will meet along the way; STU is the place to be. I found who I was, and I am positive you will find who you are too.  



Warmest wishes,

Robyn Metcalfe