Research Support Fund


The Research Support Fund (formerly known as the Indirect Costs Program) helps Canadian postsecondary institutions to fund the hidden costs of research. Funds allotted under the program are used to alleviate the financial burden of basic and yet relevant expenses such as power and administrative costs which indirectly accrue to institutions as a result of research. By supporting research 'indirectly' the program ultimately helps researchers and universities to concentrate on cutting-edge discoveries and scholarship excellence in Canadian universities without bearing 100% of the indirect costs associated with such work.

St. Thomas University allocates its RSF grant through a consultative process involving the Associate Vice-President (Research), the Vice-President (Finance), the Vice-President (Academic & Research), and the Comptroller. Together with the President's Advisory Committee on the Budget, an annual plan is developed according to the overall university budget and also takes into consideration specific needs that arise from year to year. This grant funds specific expenses such as maintenance, security, power, salary and benefits for staff in the ORS, HR and Finance, as well as helping to defray the costs of administering the Research Ethics Board. The Research Support Fund continues to be of immense benefit to supporting the research enterprise in our university.

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