STUdent Erin Hurley Finds Advocacy in Environmental Journalism through Internship with Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Student at internship office sitting at desk holding STU pennant, next to Nature Trust NB banner

Third-year STUdent Erin Hurley combined her passion for environmental advocacy with her education in Journalism and Environment and Society through an internship with Nature Trust of New Brunswick 


“My environmental classes at STU provided me with background knowledge that was helpful in creating content, and my writing skills from journalism greatly contributed to my ability to write blogs and captions,” said Hurley. 


Originally from New Hampshire, US, Hurley served as a communications intern for the organization, creating and capturing content to support advocacy and education efforts on stewarding private land and preserving the province's natural heritage and biodiversity.  


She also had the opportunity to attend fieldwork events, such as tree-planting, which gave her insights into hands-on conservation work. 


Personal and professional growth 

Reflecting on her internship, Hurley said the experience expanded her skills in communication, teamwork, resourcefulness, and time management. It also deepened her understanding of environmental issues, and the inner workings of an environmental organization. 


“I have grown immensely both in my personal and professional life,” she said.   


Following her studies, Hurley aspires to pursue a career in environmental journalism or another form of environmental advocacy.   


Connecting with the larger community 

Beyond honing her professional skills, the internship was the first step for Hurley to connect with the greater Fredericton community. 


“As an international student, I had been looking for ways to connect with the community outside of campus, and getting an internship is a fantastic way to do that,” she said.  


As she begins to wrap up her internship with Nature Trust New Brunswick, Hurley said she wishes she could stay longer.  


“My internship experience has been very fulfilling. My bosses and coworkers have been sweet, helpful, and dedicated. I have learned so much from them and it is truly such a great atmosphere to work in.”



Hurley’s internship was made possible through Future NB and STU’s Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development.