Robyn MacCara Champions Older Adult Recreation Through Internship at York Care Centre

Photo of student Robyn McCara at York Care Centre

Third-year STUdent Robyn MacCara said the many advantages of her internship including working with organizations in Fredericton helped her prepare for life after graduation.  


Through the Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning, MacCara secured an internship at York Care Centre (YCC) in Fredericton where she took on the role of Therapeutic Recreation Assistant.  


“I’m very interested in Gerontology and was in search of a meaningful internship placement. I knew all about the Office of Experiential Learning as a campus tour ambassador, so I would frequently check on what positions were available. When I discovered YCC was looking for an intern, I hopped on it!” 


MacCara enjoyed her internship so much that she stayed on as the facility’s Activity Assistant through the summer—with funding from the Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program.


Working with the Activity Coordinator, MacCara planned and led meaningful activities for the residents to engage them physically, socially, and spiritually. 


“I absolutely love and appreciate the time I get to spend with residents at York Care Centre,” MacCara said. “I’m grateful to be working in a position that surrounds me with so many interesting individuals I can learn from.” 


“My internship placement was the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in the classroom to real-life interactions.” 


MacCara said her internship set her up for academic and professional success and complemented her liberal arts skillset.  


“The great thing about internships is that you're not only learning discipline-specific things, but you are also building transferable skills, which will benefit you in more ways than you may realize. I’m able to recognize how my academic skills, such as critical thinking, resourcefulness, and effective communication, have helped in my position.”


“My internship placement was the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in the classroom to real-life interactions.” 


Endless Advantages 


“There are so many incredible opportunities for students to get involved on campus and within the greater community,” MacCara said.  
As president of the Gerontology Society, MacCara encourages students to follow their interests and pursue the extensive array of big opportunities available. 
“My internship gave me the chance to decide what I may want—or not want—as a future career. The advantages of internship placements seem endless.” 
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