Mike Morrison: Letter to a Future STUdent

A man wearing a grey short sleeve button down shirt and jeans standing in front of a rainbow muralDEAR FUTURE STUDENT,

When I was asked to write this letter about my time at St. Thomas, I stopped everything and got to it right away, because even though it’s been about 17 years since I graduated, it’s incredible how often I find myself still raving about my time at STU. 


When I started at STU in 2000, the internet was brand new. To register for courses, we had to pick a number out of a hat and then stand in a long line. (I swear I’m not making this up.) By the time I went to register, many classes were full, and I ended up registering for Intro to Spanish. 


That turned out to be the best decision of my life. That one class turned into an honours degree in Spanish and even led me to live in Spain for a time. Learning a new language and culture, while nestled in my home province of New Brunswick, was enthralling. It opened a whole new world to me.  



I graduated from STU in 2004 with an honours in Spanish and minor in English Language and Literature. I then went on to complete my Bachelor of Education, at STU. While I don’t use Spanish much in my career today, I still remember how much it lifted me up in my early 20s, when I really needed it. It taught me that although the world was big, it wasn’t impossible to see it. More importantly, my degree at STU taught me transferable skills and helped me build strong relationships that I’m still benefiting from today.  


Since graduating, my career has been exactly what I wanted it to be—a life filled with adventure and unique opportunities. I spent time as an Academic Advisor at the University of Calgary, where in my free time I started a blog, which at one point was being read by more than a million people a month. The writing, communication and interpersonal skills I developed and honed at STU were integral in making this happen. 


I then became a producer at Breakfast Television, which then led to me starting my own media company, which I have been running for the past nine years. My career has allowed me to travel the world, meet the coolest people, and explore opportunities I never thought possible.  



It all started with STU, where I was able to create a path that made sense for me, while building relationships with students, staff and faculty alike. 


You can use your time at STU to start building a foundation of what you want your life to look like. Join different clubs. Get a minor in something completely different than your major. Meet people for coffee. Take your professors up on opportunities. It’s your time to really try things out, to see what fits and what doesn’t. You’ll take what you learn at STU with you for the rest of your life. And what a life you’ll have.  



Best of luck! 

Mike Morrison