Many STUdents consider a career in law after they graduate, where the critical thinking, public speaking and research skills they hone during their undergraduate degree help them succeed.



Take courses in almost any field to nurture your ability to think and argue logically. Many law-bound STUdents choose courses in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Philosophy, Political Science, Great Books, and Native Studies—among others.


STUdents Navy Vezina and Abbie LeBlanc, winners of the Nelson Mandela World Moot Court Competition, stand in front of George Martin HallAcademics Plus

Choose courses with public speaking components to ensure you’re building your confidence and knowledge. There are many to consider including Moot Court classes where you engage in a simulated courtroom setting or Model UN where you represent a country’s interest at a simulated Model United Nations conference.



Gain experience working with policies and people by joining the Students’ Union or build a support system and prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) with the PreLaw Society. Academic societies and the Debate Society are also good options.


Experiential Learning

Complete an internship in which you work on research, policy, advocacy, and public speaking. STU has partnerships with many organizations in Fredericton and beyond.


Examples of law-related internship partners:

  • Child and Youth Advocate Office of NB
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Elizabeth Fry Society




Don’t forget to connect with STU’s pre-law advisor, Dr. Karla O’Regan, at

Advice From Alumni


A woman wearing a black blazer and white shirt stands with her arms crossed in front of the entrance to an office buildingAbigail Herrington, BA '16
Studied: Philosophy and History


“STU is the perfect place to grow into yourself. The community is welcoming and supportive, the academic programs are rigorous, and the professors are laser-focused on the quality of their teaching. I always felt my ability to learn and grow was a priority at STU. In a world that is becoming increasingly polarized with people unable to sort out fact from fiction, the critical thinking skills you will develop at STU will follow you everywhere as one of your best assets.”