Romance Languages

Broaden your worldview by exploring French and Francophone, Spanish and Latin American, and Italian languages and cultures. Romance Languages fosters global citizenship through the study of literature and media, while developing skills in oral communication, grammar, and composition. 

Romance Languages at STU 

Our program offers:

  • Minor, Major, and Honours in French
  • Minor, Major, and Honours in Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • Double Major in French and Spanish and Latin American Studies
  •  Minor in Italian
  •  A certificate in French Language Proficiency

Mary Lou Babineau



"Languages are about the world around us. The more languages we speak, the more we can understand others and build bridges between countries and cultures.”


– Dr. Mary Lou Babineau-Rosada

What sets STU’s Romance Languages Program Apart? 

  • Small, engaging classes that emphasize personal interaction, discussion, and debate.   
  • Students are encouraged to enhance their studies by participating in a semester or year-long international exchange to countries like France, Spain, Ecuador, or Peru. 
  • Lectures and seminars are always taught by professors—not teaching assistants—which means students learn from experts in the field.  
  • Students have the option to major in Romance Languages, or complete a minor, major, double major, or honours in French or Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Where the Study of Romance Languages Can Take You 

Students in Romance Languages acquire advanced and superior levels of second-language literacy—listening, speaking, interacting, reading, and writing — that provide an increased awareness of the crucial role communication skills play in navigating the global landscape of society. The study of Romance Languages develops global competencies, provides insight into different cultures, and allows students to become global citizens.   


This prepares graduates for meaningful careers in fields like: 

  • Education – in Canada and abroad
  • Government and Civil Service
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Local, National, International Business
  • Diplomacy
  • Law
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Communications

“Experiencing the culture has been so enriching. Making local friends, trying French food, touring the local castles and museums is an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else. You learn so much about your identity as a Canadian living abroad, your worldview changes, and you grow as a person—it’s the experience of a lifetime!”


Emily Douville, BA ‘20, major in Romance Languages  

Reflecting on her international exchange to France in 2019.  


Gain Experience and Build Your Resume 

Connect the study of Romance Languages with professional experience through STU’s many experiential learning opportunities. Learn more.


Students in Romance Languages are encouraged to enhance their learning by participating in a semester or year-long International Exchange. St. Thomas partners with universities across the globe and students in Romance Languages may be especially interested in exchanges to France, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, or Peru. Learn more.

You might be interested in studying Romance Languages if… 

  • You want to learn another language 
  • You want to learn about different cultures and their impact on today's society 
  • You want to become a global citizen 

Fields that Enhance Your Learning in Romance Languages 

Students who study Romance Languages are often interested in other fields of study that explore cultures and societies unlike their own. Romance Languages is often complemented by studies in Anthropology, History, English, Philosophy, Communications, Journalism, Political Science and International Relations, Human Rights, and Sociology.