Isabelle Leger: Letter to a Future STUdent

A woman wearing a tan blazer and top standing in front of greeneryDEAR FUTURE STUDENT,

My name is Isabelle Leger, and I started my Bachelor of Arts at STU in 2015. Having grown up in Fredericton, New Brunswick, St. Thomas University was an easy choice for me. I could stay in my hometown, receive a great education, and figure out what was next for me.


When I started my academic journey at STU, I wanted to be a real estate agent. My plan was to get a degree in Communications and Public Policy and pursue my license afterward.


But, in my first year at STU I took courses in a host of subjects, including psychology, environment and society, and one writing course in journalism. I soon grew passionate about all of the above. 



I was hesitant to take a journalism course because I was shy and didn’t think I had the gall to do it. It was the Fundamentals of Writing course that changed my whole career trajectory. I soon realized not only did I love journalism, but I was good at it. I learned how to write punchy headlines, what questions to ask, what situations journalists are often thrown into, and how important their job is. 


My journalism professors taught me how to create my own radio show and showed me all the steps that go into making a live newscast. STU was an environment where I could connect with my professors, some of whom are still my mentors years after graduation. 



Now looking back, as I sit at my desk in CBC’s Fredericton station, I am so grateful I took the risk.


I graduated from STU in 2019 with a double major in Communications & Public Policy and Journalism. I’ve been with CBC for nearly two years and have worked here as a reporter, radio producer, radio tech, and social media editor.



My advice to any new STUdent is to take the course that scares you. University is a safe space to fail, learn, and grow. Don’t get consumed by your marks. A poor grade that led to a lesson you will never forget is worth more than an easy A. Embrace those failures and lean on your professors when they offer help. 


I’ll be forever grateful to the professors who spent hours outside of class time helping me rework assignments and who cared enough to offer honest - and sometimes blunt - critiques. My career as a journalist is all thanks to my time at STU. 



Best of luck,

Isabelle Leger