Testimonials — Hear from current STUdents

Nhat (Sony) Tran

“I’m pleased with how fulfilling and interesting my academic life is. My professors are extremely enthusiastic in teaching and willing to give extra help. If you want to pursue humanities and social sciences, STU is a wonderful match. I found out early in my first semester that I made the right decision coming to STU.”


Hanif Brown

“STU has given me the opportunity to explore a variety of courses. The community engagement, study abroad opportunities, and internships in an environment that facilitated growth was the next best step for me.”




Quynh Giao Dang

"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Residence is like a new family for me and my professors are really approachable."






Elizabeth Polk
United States

“Welcome Week was a blast and full of activities that helped me get to know STU. The week helps you find friends and get to know campus as your new home, and not just as your new school.”





Quyen Truong

“I want to study in different areas and at St. Thomas, I can take Psychology, Philosophy, and Art at the same time. STU is really strong in social sciences and humanities, and I liked the idea of a small university because I was coming from so far away with a different language.”


Tyrique Hamil

“It’s hard to pinpoint the thing I love most about STU, but something that stands out is the ability to customize my degree to what I’m interested in.”






Orion Jemberu

“I was surprised by the diversity of STU’s international community. I became friends with many new people and learned a lot about different countries and backgrounds. This  broadened my perspective on various issues and gave me countless memories that I will cherish from the place I call my second home.”


Sofia Paura

"I fell in love with STU and the idea of having small-sized classes and the freedom to study different things while still learning about journalism, so I decided to come to STU. I honestly don't think I can pick a favourite thing about being a STUdent—I love how pretty our campus is, how informative and accessible the classes are, how supportive the community is, and how I learn so much every day."



Gabriel Marquez

“STU gave me the opportunity to participate in an internship in my first year of university. This work experience gave me the necessary tools and skills to start my professional life in Canada or anywhere else.”





Kurvin Silvio

“The atmosphere on campus is welcoming and classes are well-structured and informative. The city of Fredericton has a lot to offer and the people are friendly.”






Natalia Rodriguez
Costa Rica 

“I chose STU for the flexibility in shaping your degree and the personalized attention you get as a student. At STU, I’ve been encouraged to turn my interests into passions and to explore different academic areas that have helped expand my interests and knowledge of world issues.”