Liberal Arts

The liberal arts approach means you will have the freedom to choose courses from different departments and will not be restricted to one field of study within your Bachelor of Arts—this is why almost half of our students graduate with more than one major!


The opportunity to tailor your degree to reflect your interests—those you had before and those you discover along the way—will allow you to diversify your knowledge, experience, and perspective. This means your degree will reflect your academic interests and career ambitions.



We live in a world defined by constant social and technological change, and employers need graduates who possess communication skills, an ability to problem solve, adapt, and draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience.

The skills you'll develop through classes, research, experiential learning, and internships will prepare you for whatever you choose for yourself next. When you'll graduate, you'll have developed:

  • written and oral communication skills
  • the ability to analyze data and think critically
  • superior research skills
  • an aptitude for creative problem solving
  • skills in content creation and editing



 What are you going to fo with a Bachelor of Arts degree? Anything you want! A degree from St. Thomas is versatile and transferable, as are the skills you'll develop during your studies. This means when you graduate there won't be any "closed doors" or career paths you can't pursue. 


Our alumni excel in almost every field imagineable:

  • law and government
  • marketing and publishing
  • advocacy and social work
  • education and youth development
  • journalism and communications
  • community building and law enforcement
  • business and global affairs
  • health and wellness

Take it from our Alumni..

Jimy Beltran, BA '18
Operations Analyst at SomaDetect
From: Venezuela

“STU with its small community and liberal arts education, gave me the opportunity to forge friendships with professors, students, and staff that have helped me grow at a personal, professional, and spiritual level.”


Claudia Fernandez, BA '19
Inside Sales Specialist at Xplornet Communications
From: Mexico

“I never expected to meet so many international students at a small, Canadian university in a small city. At STU, I was able to experience multiple cultures and build a new home surrounded by amazing people.”


Anisha Romany, BA '19
Associate Professional at The University of the West Indies
From: Trinidad and Tobago

“I chose St. Thomas for its community-driven nature. Whether it’s in sports, performing arts, volunteering, or the classroom, being part of St. Thomas is a great honour that’s shaped me into the person I am today.”


Husoni Raymond, BA '20
Student at Osgoode Law School
From: Jamaica

“STU provided an atmosphere that challenged me to grow, learn and discover my passion, but most of all it taught me the value of using my talents, passion, and skills to help others. If I could go back to the time I made the decision to come to St. Thomas, I would choose it again. The quality of the education and the opportunities to excel here are parallel to none.”


Wei Qing Tan, BA '19
Student at the National Theatre School of Canada
From: Malaysia

“I came to STU because I wanted to study social sciences, but also wanted to participate in theatre. STU let me do both. I always describe this university as a gold mine, because every time I got involved in a new way it was amazing.”


Ashley Riley, BA '19
Master's student at Dartmouth College
From: United States

"STU is where I figured out who I am, what my beliefs are, what I want out of life, and where I want to go next. I’m really thankful for everything the university has given me. I made friends that will last a lifetime, worked with professors that will be mentors for a lifetime, and got everything out of my four years here that I possibly could have."


Roger Miranda, BA ‘15
Economist, Government of New Brunswick
From: Nicaragua

“STU prepared me for my future by providing me with skills to adapt to any situation. By participating in extracurricular activities, I was able to develop leadership skills that I use every day in my position.”


Thea Johnson, BA '14
Digital Analytics Strategist, VERB Interactive
From: Bahamas

“At STU, I was able to develop connections with my professors—many of whom are established leaders in their fields. This helped me tremendously. STU helped me develop my communication and critical thinking skills and master the ability to excel under deadlines, multi-task, and adapt to different situations quickly.”

Adriana Rivas, BA '17
Change Management Consultant, Government of New Brunswick
From: Venezuela 

“STU gives you the freedom to learn what you want. I was able to take advantage of independent studies, which I don’t think many other universities offer. They gave me the freedom and flexibility to study what I wanted.”


Andrea Lopez Solorzano, BA '18
Customer Success Manager, LeadSift
From: El Salvador

“I would never have achieved what I’ve done at another school because part of my experience here was that I was able to grow along with my professors. You get the feedback from them, you get to ask them questions – if you really want to learn, you get that from STU and that’s something that I’ll always be grateful for.”


Rubaina Singh, BA' 16
Associate Lawyer at Kim Schofield & Associates
From: India 

“STU gave me the educational experience I always yearned for. When I came here I got the kind of course variety I wanted, and more than that, I think it was the liberal arts experience that I needed.”


Nahomi Lopez, BA ‘18
International Digital Marketing
From: Ecuador

“There are so many things about a liberal arts education that have become key and defining skills of the professional I am today. A strong sense of social responsibility, adaptability, analytical skills, problem-solving, and creativity are skills I’ve been praised for and I have STU to thank for them.”