Explore the French culture through literature and media while developing skills in oral communication, grammar, and composition.

French at STU 

French courses at STU are designed for Anglophone, Francophone, and bilingual students of various levels of proficiency. In our small classes, you will get to know your peers and professors as you perfect your reading, speaking, and writing skills.  


Mary Lou Babineau



"Languages are about the world around us. The more languages we speak, the more we can understand others and build bridges between countries and cultures.”


Mary Lou Babineau-Rosada

What sets STU’s French Program Apart? 

  • Small, engaging classes that emphasize personal interaction, discussion, and debate.

  • Students can complement their studies with a semester or year-long international exchange in Québec or France. STU partners with universities in Paris and Angers to give students the opportunity to continue their studies while fully immersing themselves in French culture.

  • Lectures and seminars are always taught by professors—not teaching assistants—which means students learn from experts in the field.

  • Extracurricular groups l’Association française and Le franco-ciné de Saint-Thomas host French and Francophone language and culture meetings and can attend presentations given by high-profile French writers.

Where the Study of French Can Take You 

Our strong focus on the acquisition of advanced levels of second-language literacy skills—listening, speaking, interacting, reading, and writing—results in an increased awareness of the crucial role communication skills play in developing and expressing complex ideas, forming meaningful connections with others, and working as part of a team. Students in French benefit from a rigorous program in oral communication, grammar, composition, translation, literature, and cultural studies.


This prepares graduates for meaningful careers in fields like:


  • Education — in Canada and abroad
  • Government and civil service
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Local, national and international business
  • Diplomacy
  • Law
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Hospitality

“My experience at STU has taken my French to a whole other level. Our class sizes and enriching learning environment allows for meaningful connections to happen, and in tandem, enables students to grow far beyond our expectations.” 


Pablo Serra Costa, BA’23, Honours in French  
Winner of the Prix du Consulat général de France à Moncton et Halifax, 2022


Gain Experience and Build Your Resume 

Connect the study of French with professional experience through STU’s many experiential learning opportunities. Learn more.

You might be interested in studying French if… 

  • You want to improve your level of proficiency or become bilingual 
  • You want to learn about a different culture 
  • You’re interested in international development 
  • You want to become a global citizen 

Fields that Enhance Your Learning in French 

French students are often also interested in understanding cultures and societies unlike their own. Their degree is often complemented by studies in Anthropology, History, English, Philosophy, Communications, Journalism, Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights, and Sociology.