Musical Theatre

Please follow the program structure outlined in the Academic Calendar from your FIRST academic year as a student at St. Thomas University. Find the Academic Calendars HERE. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor. 

Musical Theatre Training

St. Thomas University Fine Arts offers students conservatory-style musical theatre training within a liberal arts environment. That means our students enjoy the best of both worlds. They get an academic education while taking practical classes in acting, singing, and dancing, and have the opportunity to study aspects of theatre production and design in practical settings. They receive one-on-one coaching with industry professionals and perform in state-of-the-art venues such as the Black Box Theatre. Many of our graduates have gone on to highly-competitive national and international training programs, have moved on to perform with leading theatre companies or have used their skills to build artistic companies of their own.

Questions about Musical Theatre at St. Thomas?
Contact Professor Tania Breen:‚Äč

Degree Options

You can apply Musical Theatre courses to the following:

  • Interdisciplinary Minor with a concentration in Fine Arts (18 credit hours in any Fine Arts courses)
  • Interdisciplinary Major with a concentration in Fine Arts (36 credit hours in any Fine Arts courses)
  • Interdisciplinary Honours

  • Degrees outside the Fine Arts Department

Musical Theatre Courses

Our Musical Theatre courses include:

  • FNAR 1733 Introduction to Musical Theatre
  • FNAR 1743 Music Literacy for Actors and Dancers
  • FNAR 2136 Musical Theatre I (open to qualified 1st year students)
  • FNAR 2153 Acting, Singing, Dancing I (open to qualified 1st year students)
  • FNAR 3136 Musical Theatre II
  • FNAR 3153 Acting, Singing, Dancing II
  • FNAR 4136 Musical Theatre III
  • FNAR 4151 Acting, Singing, Dancing III
  • FNAR 2813 Music Practice I
  • FNAR 2823 Music Practice II
  • FNAR 1083 Voice Technique
  • FNAR 1231 Dance Technique I
  • FNAR 2231 Dance Technique II
  • FNAR 3231 Dance Technique III

Click here for Course Descriptions. Click here for Current Courses.


Our students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in numerous venues including the new Performing Arts Studio, Black Box Theatre, Ted Daigle Theatre, and Kinsella Auditorium.

FAQs for Musical Theatre

What do students do in Musical Theatre?
Students research, rehearse and perform a musical. The courses culminate in a fully- staged production of a musical for a public audience.

How many levels are there?

Musical Theatre has four levels. Each course lasts one full academic year (September to April):

  • Level 1:  Intro to Musical Theatre (3ch) and Musical Literacy for Actors and Dancers (3ch), which are co-requisites.
  • Level 2:   Musical Theatre I (by audition; 6ch)
  • Level 3:   Musical Theatre II (6ch)
  • Level 4:   Musical Theatre III. (6ch)

Are there any corequisites?
Yes. Musical Theatre I (6 credits) is to be taken with Acting, Singing, Dancing I & Acting, Singing, Dancing II (2 credits). Musical Theatre II is to be taken with Acting, Singing, Dancing III & Acting, Singing, Dancing IV. Musical Theatre III is to be taken with Acting, Singing, Dancing V & Acting, Singing, Dancing VI.

Do I have to attend all classes for Musical Theatre?
Yes. Due to the collaborative nature of the course, attendance is mandatory.

How do I register for Musical Theatre?
Students can register for the first-year courses without an audition. (If courses are full, please contact the professor to be put on a waiting list.) Those who wish to fast-track and enroll in Musical Theatre (Year 2) are required to audition.

Can a first-year student take Musical Theatre?
Yes. First-year students with previous experience in Musical Theatre are encouraged to audition.

I have other questions. Who do I contact?
If you have any further questions, please contact Professor Tania Breen:


When and where are the auditions?
Auditions are held from March to September in Margaret McCain Hall, Room 101. Click here for a campus map. Click here for a Google Map.

What musical are you doing next year?
We are considering a number of hit musicals including Rent, A Chorus Line, Cabaret, Cats, Into the Woods, If/Then, and The Rocky Horror Show. We will make a final decision after auditions.

What do I prepare for an audition?
Students are asked to sing 16 bars of music in any style (i.e. musical theatre, pop, rock, etc.). Students may perform with piano accompaniment or a cappella (without music).

How do I book an audition?
To book an audition, contact Tania Breen, Professor of Musical Theatre, at If you cannot attend auditions on this day, contact Professor Breen to set up an alternate time.

I’m from out of town. How can I audition?
Students from out of town may audition in two ways:
1. Audition on Zoom.
2. Submit a video audition by email.

How do I find out if I get into Musical Theatre?
Students will be notified by email of results within two weeks of auditioning.

Other Theatre Activities

Click here for information about other theatre activities.