What's Next: Class of 2023


At STU, you will be surrounded by a supportive community of faculty, staff, and peers. Our liberal arts approach will give you the theoretical and practical foundations to help you succeed after graduation. Small class sizes and ample opportunities to gain experience throughout your degree—from on-campus jobs, internships, clubs and societies, and volunteering—will help you develop key skills and make connections in your area of interest.

Sarah smiling in front of campusSarah Hetherington, Canada

Studied: Human Rights and Criminology

What's Next: Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Community Development and Youth Work at the University of Glasgow


"STU prepared me well for this program. My internship the Experiential Learning Office was important in preparing me for youth work. My internship from the Human Rights Internship course also taught me about working for a community organization.” 


Maria smiling in front of campusMaria Gracia Hidrobo, Ecuador

Studied: Political Economy

What's Next: Policy Analyst at the Government of New Brunswick 


“STU gave me the necessary skills, training and opportunities to be and feel prepared to enter the labour force. During my time as a student, I completed internships and held leadership positions in different clubs. I also gained fantastic mentors and thanks to my people at STU, I landed my current position."

Evan smiling in front of campusEvan MacKenzie, Canada

Studied: Political Economy, Political Science

What's Next: Master of Arts in International Political Economy at the University of Groningen


"Many of the skills that aided my academic success were gained in STU's unique classroom and campus environment. Due to the small classes, we were able to not only learn the curriculum materials but also critically analyze it. With my education at STU, I am confident in my academic ability."

Graduation head shotCarmelita Duffy, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Substituting and working in the Anglophone West School District


“My professors have prepared me for my own classroom through their thoughtful advice and by providing me with various opportunities that helped me grow personally and professionally. I truly feel that STU's School of Education has helped me become the best teacher I could be.”

Reinaldo smiling insideReinaldo Cascante, Ecuador

Studied: Communications and Public Policy, Sociology

What's Next: Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Ignite Fredericton


“Having helped me develop my skills and reach my goals while providing me with support from a network of peers and professors, STU gave me all the tools I needed to land my first full-time job after graduation.”

Brooklyn Wilkins, Canada

Studied: English Language and Literature, Journalism

What's Next: Master of Arts in English at the University of Ottawa


"The STU English department and its professors, gave me the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics that I never thought I'd be interested in and taught me how to apply them to the modern world. They were always there to give feedback and advice that helped me grow as a scholar."

Jessie-Lynn O'Donnell, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Social Work

What's Next: Registered social worker with Social Development


"STU has been my home for the past six years through a BA and a BSW and has helped me grow personally and professionally. My time at STU has taught me tangible life skills and prepared me to think critically. I am grateful to have learned from a group of passionate professors who encouraged me every step of the way."

Maurice Bosse, Canada

Studied: Communications and Public Policy, French, Sociology

What's Next: Junior Policy Analyst for Public Safety Canada


“STU has been a transformative journey that has uniquely prepared me for the future. It has not only equipped me with knowledge and skills, but STU has nurtured my personal growth. Thanks to STU, I am confident in my ability to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Kaitlynne Benjamin, Canada

Studied: Communications and Public Policy, Journalism, Psychology

What's Next: Master of Marketing at York University’s Schulich School of Business


“I believe that my STU experience has made me a well-rounded individual who will have an impact wherever my career takes me. Our close-knit community allowed me to make meaningful connections with faculty and students and have unique experiences that I will never forget.”

Maria Caridad Guerrero, Ecuador

Studied: Political Economy, Criminology

What's Next: Centres of Excellence Resource Development Officer at the Government of New Brunswick Department of Education


“The guidance of my professors and the support from STU has pushed me to take on important challenges and experiences throughout my academic and professional career.”

Julia Evans, Canada

Studied: Human Rights, Political Science

What's Next: Juris Doctor at University of New Brunswick Law


"Next year, I am off to law school at the University of New Brunswick with a scholarship! From analytical and critical thinking to research and public speaking skills, my experience at STU equipped me with the professional and academic foundation to excel in legal studies."

Evan Robichaud, Canada

Studied: Philosophy, Political Science, History

What's Next: Bachelor of Education at St. Thomas University


“Preparing me for my BEd, Academic Advising at STU was extremely helpful by encouraging me to get teachables in subjects in high demand for teachers across the province."

Jade Humphrey, Canada

Studied: Psychology, Criminology

What's Next: Bachelor of Social Work at St. Thomas University


“STU has prepared me in many ways for what’s next. STU has amazing opportunities for all who attend and even work here. Through work experience and my education, STU has carved the way for me to become the best person I can be.”

Rebecca Pippy, Canada

Studied: Gerontology, Psychology

What's Next: Master in Applied Gerontology at Brock University


“STU provided me with the opportunity to explore my interests and discover new ones. If I hadn’t come to St. Thomas University, I never would have realized my passion for gerontology and love of working with older adults. I’ll forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to come to school here.”

Cassidy Grant, Canada

Studied: Criminology

What's Next: Working in the Justice, Public and Safety department at the Government of New Brunswick


“STU connected me with industry professionals which led to me securing a job in my field immediately after graduation.”

Adam McDougall, Canada

Studied: Political Science

What's Next: Law School at the University of Alberta


“STU helped prepare me for University of Alberta Law by enhancing my ability to think critically about arguments and analyze detailed texts while also helping to develop my written and verbal communication skills.”

Gabriela Buraglia, Canada

Studied: Fine Arts, Criminology

What's Next: Graphic Design & Interactive Media Program at the Toronto Film School


“Attending St. Thomas University helped me to gain confidence, emerge from my shell, and broaden my artistic abilities to prepare for my future enrollment at the Toronto Film School, where I can continue to create and express my capabilities.”

Ashamgyve (Jivi) Mann, India

Studied: Psychology

What's Next: Manager at EnrichKids


"My time at STU has helped me build meaningful connections in the Fredericton Community. The academia through courses paired with my internships through the Experiential Learning Office helped me gain practical skills to thrive in the real world."