What's Next: Class of 2022

A student holding diploma in robe


At STU, you will be surrounded by a supportive community of faculty, staff, and peers. Our liberal arts approach will give you the theoretical and practical foundations to help you succeed after graduation. Small class sizes and ample opportunities to gain experience throughout your degree—from on-campus jobs, internships, clubs and societies, and volunteering—will help you develop key skills and make connections in your area of interest.

Class of 22Haley Brown, Jamaica

Studied: Economics and Political Science

What's Next: TD Bank’s Market Risk and Model Development Team


“STU has fully prepared me to navigate all these opportunities effectively to achieve my highest aspirations. All the great students, staff, and professors I’ve developed bonds with, I wish I could pack them and take them with me on my new journey.”

Class of 22Paytra Waibel, Canada

Studied: Human Rights, Criminology, Psychology

What's Next: Dalhousie Schulich School of Law

Class of 22Olivia Desroches, Canada

Studied: Communications and Public Policy, Psychology, Criminology

What's Next: Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Envision Saint John


"With both in-class and real-world experience, I was well prepared for this opportunity and know my time at STU made me stand out as an applicant. There is something so special about being immersed every day in such a supportive and welcoming community."

A student standing in the lobby of BMHDa Pan, China

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching math or science in the Fredericton area


“STU's Bachelor of Education program helped me understand the newest educational theories and develop practical skills to use in the classroom. I was able to learn critical theories and apply them in my practicum, which made me confident in my ability to succeed as a teacher.” 

Class of 22Patrice Cammarano, Canada

Studied: Communications and Public Policy, Economics, Business

What's Next: Master's in Business Administation at Dalhousie University


“STU gave me an amazing foundation that I am excited to enhance with more business knowledge through my MBA.”

Class of 22Hannah Rudderham, Canada

Studied: Journalism, Fine Arts, Communications and Public Policy

What's Next: Summer internship with CBC New Brunswick

Class of 22Khanh Do, Vietnam

Studied: Economics, Political Science, Business

What's Next: Venture for Canada Fellowship Program


"The liberal arts education at STU has provided me with the theoretical and practical foundation I need to succeed after graduation. STU is truly ‘the small university of big opportunities.’” 

Class of 22Breanna McLean, Canada

Studied: Sociology, Native Studies

What's Next: Bachelor of Education at the University of New Brunswick

A student standing in front of treesAndrew Lanteigne, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Supply teaching in Miramichi


"The program has allowed me to see the positive impact I can make on my students, as well as the importance of being a lifelong learner. Our professors showed us why this profession can be so rewarding and gave us the tools that we need in order to be the best educators that we can be.”

Class of 22Hannah John, India

Studied: Political Economy, Communications and Public Policy, Human Rights

What's Next: Master's in Public Policy at the Institut d'études politiques


"STU's small class sizes and the ability to have close working relationships with professors helped me greatly in understanding my academic strengths and challenges and hone them in a way that enabled me to reach where I am today.”

Class of 22Kayley Graham, Canada

Studied: Criminology, Psychology

What's Next: Youth Support Worker

Class of 22Natalia Rodriguez, Costa Rica

Studied: Economics, Communications and Public Policy

What's Next: Project Coordinator with Stiletto Consulting


"My on and off-campus jobs at STU allowed me to learn that I wanted to work in an area focused on community and economic development, where I could continue to support the community on a larger scale."

A student wearing a robe and hoodBrianne Durant, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching English and Social Studies in Saint John


“Throughout both degrees, I've come to meet some of my best friends at St. Thomas. It’s a campus that drives connection, and that is especially the case for the education program.” 

A student smilingNatasha Gionet-Youssef, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching kindergarten in the Francophone South school district


"The thing I will miss the most about STU is the close bonds built with my professors and peers; it's truly a close-knit community."

Class of 22Orion Jemberu, Ethiopia

Studied: Economics, Mathematics, Psychology

What's Next: Master's in Quantitative Economics through the Erasmus Mundus Joint Program

"I’m confident I’m headed in the right direction and hopeful about all the possibilities that are open to me."

A student standing in front of treesCassidy Martin, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching in the Anglophone South School District


“STU prepared me for my next steps by teaching me useful skills for beginning and developing my career. The program did a great job teaching me how to be a professional and getting me career ready.”

Class of 22Rowan Little, Canada

Studied: English, French, Philosophy

What's Next: Bachelor of Education at the University of New Brunswick

A student standing in front of the apple blossoms on campusEmily Cordero, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching Grade 3 French immersion


"In this program, I developed practical skills that can be used in the classroom such as time-management, flexibility, collaboration, and adaptability.”


Megan Gibson, Canada

Studied: Political Science, International Relations, Spanish, Human Rights

What's Next: Communications Intern with Education Development Centre Zambia for Youth Challenge International


"My education at STU really helped me to get this position and I am very thankful for my professors as well as my mentors at the Experiential Learning Office who guided and helped me throughout my four years."

BA '22Alec Pellerin, Canada

Studied: Economics

What's Next: Chartered Financial Analyst program in Melbourne Austrailia


"I started at STU as a mature student, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I took a first-year economic course and it will forever be one of the most memorable moments of my life. Economics taught me so much over the years and it will help me to pursue my academic goals in Australia."

A student standing outside on campusJasmine Gidney, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Supply teaching in Fredericton


"I’ve learned being adaptable is one of the most important skills as a teacher. With the support of my classmates, professors, and mentor teacher, I’ve thrived and learned so much about the world of education.”

Class of 22Hana Delaney, USA

Studied: Psychology, Communications, Journalism

What's Next: Master of Science, Strategic Communications program at The London School of Economics

A student grad photo in BEd hoodLaura Prichard, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Working as a supply teacher


“I felt so supported during this program. I developed connections with my professors, who  were extremely approachable as colleagues and peers.  They were always reaching out and supporting me in any way they could.”

Class of 22Victoria Young, Canada

Studied: Political Science, International Relations, Criminology

What's Next: Master's in Political Science at the University of Alberta


"The confidence that STU has instilled in me has enabled me to better contribute to the greater good of Canadian society and has put me on the path to a rewarding career in foreign affairs."

A student standing in front of a viewDarla Saunders, Canada

Studied: Bachelor of Education

What's Next: Teaching position at Nackawic High School


"Every aspect of STU’s education program has been designed to help us succeed as new teachers.  The program gives us the knowledge and tools that we need to be effective in the classroom and to help our students thrive.”

Class of 22Jaime Sherwood, Canada

Studied: Fine Arts

What's Next: Counselling and Psychotherapy program at Yorkville University