Simon Wassef: Letter to a Future STUdent


My name is Simon Wassef and I graduated from STU in 2021 with honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and minors in Psychology and Spanish. I came to STU from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.


I chose STU for its exceptional Criminology and Criminal Justice program and grew to love every other aspect of the university experience. This program provided me with a well-rounded understanding of criminal behaviour, restorative justice, wrongful convictions, data analysis, environmental crime, and the Canadian criminal justice system.WHY STU?I loved my experience at STU, as it gave me the chance to grow beyond what I could have imagined. STU provides a unique atmosphere of friendship and togetherness—a feeling that is refreshing in today’s world. It is a place where you will learn the name of the person making your morning coffee! I recommend that anyone coming to STU live in residence for at least their first year. It can be one of the best ways to make friends—although no matter where you reside during your time at STU, you will make plenty of friends.


While in my third year, I began working with the RCMP as a Criminal Analyst through a federal student work experience program. After graduating, I transferred into Strategic Communications. In this role, I assist in producing content for the RCMP of New Brunswick’s social media channels—content about missing people, critical incidents, and other news releases. I was better qualified to apply for these opportunities and positions thanks to my educational experience and my participation in STU’s incredible internship program. In my third year, I interned with the John Howard Society of Fredericton where I worked on a program called “Strengthening Families; Strengthening Communities.” The program assisted families in developing healthy problem-solving habits, managing emotions, and creating a plan for financial stability while working toward a happier life. I was also able to engage in hands-on work by participating in walkabouts—where we conversed with Fredericton’s homeless population to gather information for future programming.


STU provided me with some of the best times of my life. The professors are exceptional, the people are beyond friendly, and the opportunities are unlike those at other universities. I encourage any student with an interest in liberal arts to explore the options at STU—you will develop a portfolio of skills that will make you a stand-out candidate to any employer. You will have the time of your life.

Thank you and best of luck!
Simon Wassef