Emilia Gutierrez: Letter to a Future STUdent


My name is Emilia Gutierrez and I am a STU alumna (Class of 2021) from Quito, Ecuador! I graduated with honours in Human Rights and a major in Sociology. I currently work at the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission (NBHRC), developing educational material on the New Brunswick Human Rights Act. A main focus of my position is making complex legal information more accessible to the public.


STU stood out to me because of its small, vibrant campus and community and its emphasis on liberal arts. As someone who has always been innately curious about the inner workings of humanity and our social systems, a multidisciplinary education was very important to me.


STU’s campus felt like the right fit for me, as I was quite shy and wanted to make sure I had support for the transition to university life. Living in residence allowed me to flourish by participating in residence activities and making connections with people with different backgrounds and interests. I found a community as an international student far away from home and continue to be best friends with people I met all those years ago.


One of my favourite aspects of STU is the experiential learning opportunities, which helped me grow professionally throughout my years at university. Thanks to the positions available to students, through classwork and the Experiential Learning Office, I was able to gain experience working as a research assistant, a tour ambassador, a youth settlement worker, and as an intern for the NBHRC—where I now work!I particularly love how STU professors incorporate experiential learning components in their classes—fun fact: I once worked on a farm as part of my coursework to learn about the ways women contribute to and lead sustainable food production systems! These experiences really shape you as an individual and make you a competitive candidate in the job market when you leave university.


My time at STU helped me develop critical thinking, great communication skills, problem-solving, research skills, and a passion for helping others. My experience not only opened my eyes to new perspectives, but also provided me with the tools to make a difference in our fast-paced world. I can say with confidence that STU prepares graduates to take on challenges and develop creative solutions to some of the social problems impacting communities around the world.

I wish you all the best!

Emilia Gutierrez