Abbie LeBlanc: Letter to a Future STUdent


My name is Abbie LeBlanc, and I started my Bachelor of Arts at STU in 2015. At the time, I didn’t really give a lot of thought to where I ought to go to university. I grew up in Fredericton and knew I wanted to do a Bachelor of Arts, so STU seemed like a natural choice.


Looking back, I was lucky. I started at STU in the Aquinas program, where I realized what it was I wanted from my degree: the chance to read, discuss, and write about lots of different books. I continued doing this over the next four years, as I majored in Great Books, Political Science and Human Rights. Presently, I’m a PhD student in political theory at Harvard, still doing the same kind of work that initially drew me to STU.


STU wasn’t just incidentally the place where I developed this understanding of what kind of career and life I wanted. The people and community at STU made this possible. In all my departments, I got to know my professors individually. I also often knew most of the people in my major, and discussions started in class would continue around campus. While I’m obviously a nerd, I also made friends, not only through classes, but through STU’s Women’s Rugby Team, the Moot Court Team, and other extracurriculars.


After graduating from STU, I completed a masters in Political Science at McGill in 2021 before starting my PhD at Harvard. While these bigger institutions have their own virtues, I wouldn’t have felt prepared to navigate them without the sense of self and of community I developed during my time at STU. So, if you are in the process of giving a lot of thought about where to attend university, I hope this letter might give you a sense of what STU offers.


Abbie LeBlanc