University Service

Senate Standing Committees 2023-2024

Each year faculty are asked to express an interest in serving on Senate Committees. The selection to fill vacancies is made by the Nominating Committee.


Academic Planning Committee:

Dr. Kristi Allain (2025)
Dr. Michael Boudreau, Chair (2024)
Dr. Andrew Moore (2025)


Admissions and Academic Standing:

Dr. Craig Proulx (2024)
Dr. Fariba Solati (2025)
Dr. Julia Torrie, Chair (2025)
Ms. Maureen Barnes, (or designate), (ex officio)
Ms. Michelle Wright, (or designate), (ex officio)


Appointments to Academic Staff:

Dr. Clive Baldwin, Chair (2024) 
Dr. James Gilbert-Walsh (2024)
Dr. Janet Durkee-Lloyd (2024)
Dr. Marcea Ingersoll (2025)


Campus Planning Committee:

Dr. Tyler Bancroft (2025)
Dr. Michelle Greason (2024)
Dr. Derek Simon, Chair (2025)
Dr. Shaunda Wood (2025)


Curriculum Committee:

Dr. Clive Baldwin (2025)
Prof. Josephine Savarese (2025)
Dr. Colleen Wolstenholme, Chair (2024)
Dr. Susan Machum, (ex officio)
Ms. Maureen Barnes, (ex officio)


External Review Coordinating Committee:

Dr. Dawne Clarke (2024)
Dr. Csilla Dallos (2024)
Dr. Gemma Porter (2025)
Dr. Sandra Thomson (2025)
Dr. André Loiselle, (Chair, ex officio)
Dr. Susan Machum, (Chair, ex officio)


Learning and Teaching Development:

Dr. Erin Fredericks (2025)
Dr. Andrew Klein, LTD Officer, Chair (2025)
Dr. Gemma Porter (2024)
Prof. Josephine Savarese (2025)


Research Committee:

Dr. Michael Boudreau (2024)
Dr. Matt Dinan (2024)
Prof. Charles Furlotte (2024)
Dr. Matte Robinson (Dec.2023) 
Dr. Sarah Vannier (2024)
Dr. Angela Wisniewski (2025)
Dr. Peter Toner, (Chair, ex officio)


Nominating Committee:

Dr. Kristi Allain (2024)
Dr. Michael Boudreau (2025)
Dr. Dev Gupta (2025)
Dr. Kim Fenwick, (Chair, ex officio)


Student Academic Grievance:

Dr. Karla O’Regan (2025)
Dr. Mihailo Perunovic, Chair (2024)
Dr. Angela Wisniewski (2024)
Ms. Maureen Barnes, (ex officio)


International Education Committee:

Dr. Laura Levick (2024)
Dr. Karen Robert (2025)
Dr. Jasmina Terzioska (2025)
Dr. André Loiselle, (Chair, ex officio)
Ms. Maureen Barnes, (ex officio)
Ms. Michelle Wright, (ex officio)


Senate Committee on Reconciliation (SCR)

Dr. Gemma Porter (2024)
Prof. Josephine Savarese (2024)
Dr. Kim Fenwick, (Chair, ex officio)
Dr. André Loiselle, (ex officio)
Dr. Susan Machum, (ex officio)
Hon. Graydon Nicholas, (ex officio)
Miigam’agan, (ex officio)
Kamryn Saulis, (ex officio)
Vacant Position (ex officio)


Updated July 17, 2023




St. Thomas University Committee (Non-Senate)

President’s Advisory Committees

Campus Ministry
Chair, Catholic Theology
Chair, Gerontology
Chair, Native Studies
Social Work

Aquinas Programme Steering Committee
BAA-CJ Internal Advisory Committee (Criminal Justice)
BAAJ Internal Advisory Committee (Journalism)
BAAJ (Joint) Management Committee (Journalism)
BAAG Internal Advisory Committee (Gerontology)
BAAG (Joint) Management Committee (Gerontology)
Employment Equity Committee
Guest Lecture Committee
Humanities 1003 Advisory Committee
Intersession Committee
Merit Award Committee
Occupational Health and Safety Committee
Pension Advisory Committee
Research Ethics Board
Standing Grievance Committee
Teaching Excellence Award Committee
Website Advisory Committee
Library Users Committee

CAPT Definition of Service

For minimum standards applied by committee on academic staff, please see Appendix E the “Collective Agreement between St. Thomas University and the Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas."

The full- and part-time collective agreements are available at Administrative Offices > Human Resources > Policies & Agreements.