“You Will be the Leaders STU Taught You to Be” – STU Celebrates Summer Convocation

Jessica Carver delivering the Valedictory at Summer Convocation 2024

Valedictorian Jessica Carver says the STU community helps graduates embrace their future with confidence and pride. 

“The spirit of community at STU is unmatched. We’ve created bonds that will last far beyond this campus and follow us as we begin new careers, reignite a passion for old ones, or pursue even more higher education.”

Carver spoke to the more than 130 graduates who were receiving their bachelor’s degrees in arts, applied arts, and education, and their master’s degrees in social work about the importance of STU’s tight-knit community.

“It gives us the chance to explore, to make mistakes, to laugh, and then provides the unwavering support of our friends to face those same mistakes head-on,” Carver, who is from Windsor, NS and received her Bachelor of Education, said.

“Over the past 5 years, I have found my home away from home and an incredible community that quickly became friends.”

Honouring a Remarkable Individual

The university bestowed an honorary degree on advocate and community organizer Madhu Verma. Verma established the Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick and the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. Her work with refugees and new immigrants led to the implementation of an official New Brunswick multicultural and human rights education policy.

“The world needs more of STU and each of you,” she said during her address to graduates. “You stand on the shoulders of giants, and much is expected of you. This is not easy – as most worthwhile things in life are not easy – but you will be the leaders STU taught you to be."

President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nauman Farooqi said STU brings together people from all over the world with the shared purpose of scholarship and higher learning.

“At STU, we cherish a community of scholarship, learning, compassion, energy, and pride. Today, added to this is your accomplishment — your graduation is a remarkable achievement of resilience and perseverance,” he said.

“The highest expectation we had for you was to learn and grow. Everything you have done for STU and for each other means you can do it for yourself and for society, wherever you may live. Today is just the start.”

University Medal

The University Medal for Academic Excellence in Education was awarded to Kennedy Longaphie from Riverview, NB. This medal is awarded to the graduating student with the highest overall standing within the Bachelor of Education program.