STU is the Perfect Place for Me - Ella Layden, Recipient of STU’s Largest and Most Prestigious Scholarship

Ella Layden

Ella Layden is this year's recipient of STU's largest and most prestigious scholarship, the Chancellor's Scholarship. Awarded annually to a student of outstanding academic ability and achievement entering their first year, the Chancellor's Scholarship also seeks to recognize leadership and versatility. 


Layden, originally from Calgary, AB, knew that STU was the right fit for her after flying from Alberta to participate in STU's Open House. There, she fell in love with the school and felt a sense of belonging. 


"The Open House reassured me that I would have the support and guidance to move across the country by myself and be successful in a community that holds the same values as me," said Layden. 


"STU is the perfect place to follow my passions and achieve my academic and personal goals." 


During her time at STU, Layden plans to major in Anthropology and minor in Forensic Anthropology, with dreams of pursuing her PhD and working in Forensic Anthropology. 


"As an active member of my high school, I hope to bring my enthusiasm and dedication to the STU community." 


In addition to being academically successful throughout her high school career, Layden is also very passionate about giving back and helping others, which led to her extensive volunteer experience. 


Layden has fostered over 50 dogs in the last three years through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, volunteered with YVC, a youth volunteer group, and was an assistant gym teacher at her school. 


While balancing her volunteer work, schoolwork, and several extracurricular activities, Layden co-captained her school's curling team and won Most Valuable Defensive Player for rugby, leading her to compete for the captain of her team. 


"I have always held myself to high standards and always strived to do everything to the best of my abilities," said Layden. "I am eager to learn and grow, and I am passionate about making a positive impact on the world."