"STU is a Hidden Gem" - Julia Strang Reflects on her Experience in the Bachelor of Social Work

Julia Strang smiling in the study hall

Julia Strang reflects on her time at STU as she nears the end of the Bachelor of Social Work program. 


Having always been drawn to working with children and youth, Strang was inspired to pursue a career in social work. In a role with a family resource network, she frequently referred to specialists and wished she had the skill set to meet more of the needs that arose. 


"Learning the practice techniques and theoretical rationale behind social work will allow me to offer a broader range of services to the communities I work with," she said. 


"It feels as though everything you learn in the BSW program is crucial to your development as a social worker." 


It was important that Strang found a social work program that would not only challenge her intellectually but also allow her to make connections with peers. 


"There is so much to admire about each person's intentions behind becoming a social worker," said Strang. "That perspective and the demands of the BSW program have allowed me to bond and make deep personal connections with my classmates and create a community we can all rely on." 


Strang, who has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, knew that STU was the place for her, even if it meant moving across the country from Canmore, Alberta. 


"Being new to a province, as well as a school, could be daunting, but the atmosphere at STU is so welcoming, I immediately felt comfortable," she said. "STU is a hidden gem." 


Strang knew that when she returned to university to pursue her BSW, she wanted to immerse herself fully into the community and take advantage of opportunities presented to her, which was possible at STU thanks to her friends, classmates, and the student success coach. 


"There are many incredible opportunities that come from attending a small university," said Strang. "I have had the chance to work as a research assistant on projects and participate in national conferences." 


"I have never been immersed in such a concentrated group of considerate and passionate people, and I am grateful that I have been able to study social work in such a positive environment. I will cherish the memories I made at STU." 


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