STU Buddy Mentorship Program for Incoming Students

students sitting on campus

Are you looking to make connections and ease into university with the help and guidance of upper-year students? Would you like to meet new people from around the world and make long-lasting connections? Join our Buddy Program and our current STUdents will mentor you and help you transition to life at STU!


The STU Buddy Mentorship Program is for you! 

This program seeks to facilitate communication and peer-to-peer relationships, while easing the transition to university life as a first-year student. This program is open to ALL incoming students, international, Canadian and exchange.


How the program works:

  • You and three other new students (mentees) will be matched with two mentors, one International and one Canadian, to create groups or pods. 
  • Pods are encouraged to connect and communicate over the summer months and into the first semester, to begin building relationships and cultivate a sense of belonging.
  • Pods will foster cross cultural learning, broadening of global perspectives and allow for international students to make important connections with Canadian students to better understand Canadian culture.

Program objectives: 

  • Facilitate communication and peer-to-peer relationships. 
  • Ease the transition to university life for new students.
  • Promote cross-cultural communication and learning. 
  • Connect Canadian, international and exchange students, encouraging community building and engagement. 

**Mentors will not be providing immigration or academic advising. 


If you're interested in creating connections before your arrival to STU, complete this form and register to be a little buddy! We'll match you with other mentees and respective mentors! 

Registration deadline is May 31, 2024.


For more information on the Buddy Program, please click HERE.