Emily Green, BA ‘23 Contributes to New Resource Recognizing John Peters Humphrey through Internship with New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

Photo of STU Alumna Emily Green on campus in summer

As part of an internship while at STU, Emily Green, BA ’23, was able to play an important role in the development of a significant new resource on the life and work of New Brunswick human rights legend, drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), John Peters Humphrey. 


The project was launched in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Declaration. Green, who studied Human Rights and Environment and Society at STU, was paired with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission as a student intern in 2023.  


The STU grad originally from Riverview, NB, worked with internship placement supervisor, Dr. Khurram Khurshid, manager of the Advocacy Unit, who proposed the project as part of her roles and responsibilities as an intern.  

“I was tasked with researching the legacy of John Peters Humphrey, specifically in relation to his contributions toward drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the impact of his work on human rights development in NB and Canada,” Green said.  


After completing her internship, Green continued working at the NBHRC as a summer student to expand the research into several resources that are featured on the Commission’s website. 


“This project was of particular interest to me, as I decided to attend STU after participating in the John Peters Humphrey Model United Nations conferences held at STU when I was in high school,” Green said.  


“While I knew Humphrey was a Canadian best known for his role in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I have since learned so much more about his significant contributions to the field of human rights and international law through his diplomatic and academic work.” 


A Resource for Anyone Interested in Learning more about Human Rights 


Green said the updated page on the NBHRC’s website features several resources that will be valuable to all New Brunswickers—from students to educators to individuals curious about learning more about human rights in New Brunswick.  


“I would encourage all those interested to check out the educational video, teacher’s handbook, and interactive timeline,” she said.  


The page also features an annotated bibliography of works written by Humphrey and other helpful research materials.  


“This page is a one-stop-shop for all things Humphrey, where you can learn more about his life and legacy. Complete with discussion questions, class activities, essay topics, and more, the teacher’s handbook is an excellent resource I hope educators in the province take advantage of.”  


By helping to bring human rights education into the classroom, Green said she believes this guide can equip teachers with resources to promote understanding and tolerance, build a culture of respect, and encourage global citizenship among their students. 


“I am very thankful to the NBHRC. This internship deepened my understanding and appreciation of human rights practice,” Green said. “The staff at the NBHRC and STU professor Dr. Shannonbrooke Murphy offered me valuable guidance and mentorship throughout this incredibly rewarding experience.” 


After Graduation from STU 


Green now attends University College Dublin, completing a master’s in human rights. She said her studies represent a natural progression from her experiences at STU and the NBHRC.  


“Human rights are multifaceted and often intersect with law, sociology, and political science, among other disciplines. Studying diverse subjects and fostering an interdisciplinary perspective on human rights at STU has been invaluable in my current studies,” she said. 


“At UCD, I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to dive deeper into the study of human rights and intend to focus my research on human rights defenders. I feel inspired by Humphrey’s legacy.” 



Learn about the John Peters Humphrey page and resources on the NBHRC website.