STU Students Awarded Fellowships at Washington Political Institutes  

A photo of Ethan Nylen and Mason Rattee

Graduating students Mason Rattee and Ethan Nylen, both part of the Great Books Program at STU, have been accepted to prestigious fellowships and will be heading to Washington after graduation. 


Rattee is a Great Books honours student and Political Science major and will be attending the Hudson Political Studies Program. This six-week program focuses on the study of political theory and practice through the reading of classic texts. In addition to classroom instruction, the program will entail workshops led by public policy experts on current societal issues  


Heading into the fellowship, Rattee believes that he has been well prepared by his studies at STU. He describes the fellowship as “a mixture of great books with a focus on political science with added pressing policy questions.”  


“I am looking forward to being able to study under the major scholars I respect in these fields,” he said. “Six weeks of political philosophy and theory is in my wheelhouse.” 


Also in Washington, Nylen will be attending the Hertog Political Studies Program. This program explores the theory and practice of politics in a seminar setting. Courses examine political philosophy, contemporary public affairs, economics, and foreign policy. In addition to leading scholars, students will also hear from leaders in American government, politics, and journalism. 


Nylen is excited to use what he learned at STU and apply it to real-world scenarios in Washington. “It is studying the questions and topics that I really enjoy.”  


“My research has been on political philosophy which is what this fellowship program is all about. I’m looking forward to meeting people with similar interests from around the world, and it will be cool to be challenged by the top scholars in the field. I want to see what they have to say on the types of questions that interest me.” 


“In the Great Books Program, Mason and Ethan have spent four years around a seminar table reading difficult texts and discussing them with their colleagues—they will fit right in at the Hudson and Hertog Programs,” said Dr. Matt Dinan. 


"One of my favourite things about teaching at STU is having the opportunity to get to know my students really well and to help them connect with opportunities like these fellowships." 


They will be completing their summer fellowships in June and July.