Recipient of STU’s Largest, Most Prestigious Scholarship, Kensea Aaron, Makes the Most of STUdent Life

Kensea Aaron in study hall


Major scholarship recipient Kensea Aaron was drawn to STU for the focus on interdisciplinary study, opportunities to explore multiple academic fields, and ability to double major. Since starting in September, he’s experienced all of that—and so much more.


“I love that STU lets you build a really strong foundation across the arts and figure out exactly what interests you.”

Aaron, originally from Camrose, AB, is this year’s recipient of STU’s largest and most prestigious scholarship—the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Awarded annually to a student of outstanding academic ability and achievement entering first year, the Chancellor’s Scholarship also seeks to recognize leadership and versatile.


Aaron said the honour came as a welcomed surprise to him after being asked to join a meeting with STU Admissions to discuss his application.


“When my mom and I joined the Zoom call, we were told that I had received the award,” he said. “We were so happy; my mom started crying. I started calling everyone in my family, and nobody could believe it. It just didn’t feel real.”


“I’m grateful to St. Thomas for this opportunity, and to my parents, family, and teachers who made it possible for me to do what I'm doing.”

Small Campus, Strong Community


STU’s small, tight-knit community is something Aaron said has helped his transition to university—living in residence and participating in athletics has added to that sense of connection.


“Everyone genuinely wants to get to know you,” he said. “Living in residence has made it so easy to make a new friend just by going to a lounge or sitting with someone new in the meal hall.”


Aaron is also a member of the STU Tommies men’s volleyball team.


“Being a varsity athlete is a huge time commitment, but it has been hugely rewarding so far. The team environment is amazing, and I feel so lucky to get to pursue athletics in this way.

While the social and athletic aspects of STU have lived up to his expectations, Aaron said his academic experience thus far has been the best piece.


“Classes have definitely been my favourite part so far. I’m in the Aquinas: Great Books program and I have loved getting to be involved in discussions with my professors about life-changing books,” he said.


“The workload is challenging and engaging, and I feel like my education here has been so relevant to my life.”  

As for advice for any future STUdents looking toward starting university, Aaron’s advice is to lean into any feelings of uncertainty.


“Don’t be afraid of that feeling. Starting university is the time to pursue answers to all those questions. Just start with something that you find interesting, and it will lead you into areas you didn’t know existed.”




The application deadline for major scholarships is March 1, 2024. Apply early—the earlier you apply, the earlier you could hear back about your scholarship.