Launch Your Future Program Offers a Personalized Summer Internship Experience

Student sitting at a computer

Starting on February 15, students will be able to submit an application to create their personalized summer internships through the 2023 Launch Your Future program. This program is funded by the RBC Foundation.


This program focuses on providing opportunities through the establishment of relationships, often in rural areas, for students to participate in relevant internships leading to long-term employment opportunities after graduation. It was first rolled out last year and the results were exceptional, with two out of four participants landing job offers upon completion of the program. You can read more about their experiences here.


Launch Your Future is a student-led program. It allows students to develop and/or enhance their leadership skills by conducting their own research and creating their desired internship placement, drafting a proposal of the work they would like to complete, and supported by the Internships Coordinator to make it happen. Additionally, students get the chance to tap into a larger network by expanding their horizons and exploring employment opportunities beyond Fredericton city limits.


Although it has a new name this year, the concept remains the same. Launch Your Future allows students to design their own summer internship by drafting a proposal with an employer of their preference anywhere in Atlantic Canada (NB, NS, PEI).


Apply: Students can fill out the online form starting on February 15th with details about their proposed internship including the organization, project (s) of interest, and the location.


Launch Your Future –Personalized Summer Internship Experience at a glance:

  • 14 weeks between May-August
  • 35 hours per week
  • $16 per hour
  • 6 spots available
  • $1000 stipend per participant to cover additional expenses associated with the internship (paid to the students)
  • Deadline to submit proposals: March 12th at 11:45 PM

All Bachelor of Arts students are welcome to apply and compete for this program. Preference will be given to upper-year students. Graduating students who will be returning to school in the Fall 2023 are eligible to apply for the program, as well.


Please, note that submitting a proposal does not guarantee approval of the proposed placement. All proposals are subject to approval from the Office of Experiential Learning & Career Development. Selected students will receive formal confirmation via email.


For any questions about this program, please contact Ale Navas, Internships Coordinator, at or book a meeting to learn more!