“Home is about the People” – STU Celebrates Summer Convocation 

Sarah Kelly says she has found a home at STU.  


In her valedictory at Summer Convocation, she spoke to the more than 100 graduates who were receiving their bachelor’s degrees in arts and education and their master’s degrees in social work about how the people she met helped shape campus into a home away from home.  


“Our time together at STU has taught me that — as much as "home" is about a certain place or a certain city — at the end of the day, home is really about the people with whom we share these special places,” she said.“Through our various programs in Education, Social Work, and Arts, we have spent time caring about one another and being each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Regardless of where we go, through the good and through the not-so-good, we will always have each other, our STU family, our home away from home, and for that, I am forever grateful.”Wolastoqey lawyer and Chief of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, Patricia Bernard, delivered the address to graduates. She reminded the graduates that their impact on society will be tied to more than just whatever career they choose.

"Your impact extends beyond your occupation. You are providers of knowledge, nurturers, mentors, and role models,” she said. 


"You have the power to instill confidence, inspire dreams, and to the educators, unlock the hidden talents within students. You have the power to create safe spaces where diversity is celebrated, empathy is fostered, and inclusivity is cherished."


Summer Convocation was Dr. M. Nauman Farooqi’s first Convocation since he became President and Vice-Chancellor on July 1.  Despite being new to the STU community, he told the graduates that he still shared a commonality with them.


“We do share one important characteristic — each of us had choices, each of us selected STU. And I suspect for many of the same reasons… I was attracted by a community of scholarship, learning, compassion, energy, and pride.  A small, caring, connected community where you have a big canvas to paint your masterpiece,” he said.


“Like each of you, STU is full of opportunity and promise, and I trust that we have provided an education that will prepare you for a meaningful career, and fulfill your ambitions.”

Faculty Recognition and Student Medal


At Summer Convocation, retired English Language and Literature professor Dr. Tony Tremblay received the designation Professor Emeritus. This honorary rank is awarded upon or after retirement from active academic duties to professors who have served the University with great distinction. Read more about Dr. Tremblay’s career here.


The University Medal for Academic Excellence in Education is awarded to the graduating student with the highest overall standing within the Bachelor of Education program. The 2023 medal was awarded to Katie Hoedl, from Richibucto Road, NB.