311 STUdents Named to the Deans' List for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Tim O'Hara, Kristina Yurchenko, Charlie Hanscomb


The Deans' List honours full-time students in Arts and Social Work who achieved a grade point average of 3.70 or better on a minimum of 30 credit hours.


A reception to celebrate students was held on Sunday, November 19, on campus. President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nauman Farooqi recognized students’ hard work and achievement.


“As Deans’ List Students, you have shown that you are willing to learn and that you have the intelligence, determination, and dedication to succeed. And we are all very proud of you,” said President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nauman Farooqi at the reception.


STUdent Tim O’Hara 


Tim O'Hara headshot

Tim O'Hara, a fourth-year Anthropology major from Saint John, NB, said he finds motivation to work hard and succeed academically through practical skills he is obtaining for his future career in his courses.


"Knowing that what I am learning will continue to be important outside of the classroom helps me stay motivated and work hard," he said.


O'Hara, who was named on the Deans' List, stated that the professors at STU surpassed all his expectations, helping him feel more passionate about what he is learning and ultimately reaching academic success.


"Every professor I've met has been passionate about what they teach, which makes a huge difference in students' ability to learn."


STUdent Charlie Hanscomb 


Charlie Hanscomb headshot

Charlie Hanscomb, a fourth-year Political Science honours STUdent and Communications and Public Policy major from Fredericton, NB, credits the ability to explore various topics to his academic success and to why he chose to study at STU.


"I have been able to explore my academic interests from Great Books to Political Science to Communications and Public Policy," he said. "I have found my passion for Canadian public policy and policymaking, and because I am passionate about the courses I take, I have found success in my academics."


Hanscomb, who finds himself on the Deans' List for the third year, said he is able to succeed because of the supportive STU community, from professors to clubs and societies.


"My professors are very approachable and willing to help you," he said. "Also, my involvement in Enactus helps keep me motivated to focus on my studies as I learn skills I can apply to the classroom."


STUdent Kristina Yurchenko 


Kristina Yurchenko headshot

Kristina Yurchenko, a fourth-year English Language and Literature and History double honours STUdent from Samara, Russia, says her academic experience at STU has been challenging and incredibly rewarding.


"I learn so much from each of my courses, not only helping me succeed in the classroom, but in understanding the world and society around me," she said. "My professors have been my guides and compassionate mentors, helping me become a great student and a well-rounded individual."


Yurchenko's motivation for focusing on her studies is from creating goals she knows she can only achieve if she works hard, helping her attain academic success, such as being named on the Deans' List.


"I dream of sharing what I've learned through public education or academia, which motivates me to continue learning."


Being named on the Deans' List is one of the highest academic honours offered by the university.


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