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Welcome to STU! To help make your transition easier, the Welcome Week team has pulled together some of the most frequently asked (and answered) questions about St. Thomas University. Look for faculty, staff, and students wearing Ask Me About STU buttons to find people around campus who can help you along the way.



When & where do I pick up my student ID card?

If you have submitted a picture and received email confirmation from the UCard Office, you can pick up your student ID card at the Welcome Centre on Friday, September 2nd by James Dunn Hall.


Otherwise, you can pick up your student ID card at the UCard Office located in Marshall d'Avray Hall, Room 106. The UCard Office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am-4:00 pm (closed daily 12:00 pm-1:00 pm). 


When picking up your student ID card, please bring a government issued photo ID for confirmation.


You can learn more about getting your UCard HERE.


Where can I get a parking pass?

Permits are required to park on campus from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays. These can be purchased at the Security & Traffic Office located at 767 Kings College Rd.


Where can I get a STUgenda?

STUgendas can be picked up at the STUSU Help Desk, which is located on the main floor of Sir James Dunn Hall. These agendas are free for students.


How can I request a campus tour?

Campus tours will be offered during Welcome Week on Saturday, September 3rd from 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm starting at Donald C. Duffie Hall. Current students will be your guides and can answer any questions you have about being a student at STU.

You can also request a personalized campus tour by emailing


Welcome Week

Where can I find out about Welcome Week events?

The official Welcome Week schedule of events can be found online at You can also stop by the STUSU Help Desk or the Welcome Centre located on the main floor of Sir James Dunn Hall for a copy of the schedule.


When & where do I pick up my Welcome Week Kit?

All first-year students receive a Welcome Week Kit containing STUSU swag and other university essentials. These are available at the Welcome Centre located on the main floor of Sir James Dunn Hall until September 10. When picking up your Welcome Week Kit, please bring your student ID card for confirmation.


What is online orientation?

The New STUdent Orientation has been designed to help you transition to university life. You will learn about what to expect in your courses, your new roles and responsibilities as undergraduate students, the many resources available to you and your success, and much more! You can also win prizes by completing the different modules!


The Academic Success at STU resource will help you achieve the success you want in your courses. This resource has been designed to help you learn effective learning strategies you will use in your liberal arts coursework such as note taking, reading, studying, test-taking, time management and organization.


These resources will launch Thursday, August 25 at 12:00 pm (AST)


To access:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Log In” and enter your STU Email and Password. To claim your STU email and Password, click here.
  3. You will be taken to your Moodle Dashboard/Homepage. Click “Dashboard.”
  4. Under “Course overview,” you will find both New STUdent Orientation – Fall 2022 and Academic Success at STU

Click on a resource to begin engaging with the content!


Is there an international student orientation?

Yes! International Student Orientation will take place from August 29-September 2. Please contact the International Student Advisor, Carrie Monteith-Levesque at for more information.


Is there an orientation for students with accessibility needs?

Yes! Ease Your Mind is a one-day pre-Welcome Week workshop on September 1st designed for new students living with a disability or mental health diagnosis. For more information, please contact Student Accessibility Services at or 506-453-7207.



Where can I find my class schedule?

To find a copy of your class schedule, you will need to sign onto WebAdvisor at There, you will be able to find your timetable for first and second semester.


Who do I talk to about my courses?

For help with courses, you should see an academic advisor. They are located in the Registrar’s Office, on the first floor of George Martin Hall, Room 101.


When & where do I purchase textbooks?

You can buy or rent textbooks at the Campus Bookstore located just down the hill at 29 Dineen Dr. You can also buy used textbooks from upper-year students online by requesting to join the “STU Used Books” page on Facebook. It is recommended that you wait to attend the first day of classes before purchasing your textbooks.


Who do I talk to if I have accessibility needs?

For questions or concerns related to accessibility, you can speak with Student Accessibility Services. They are located on the first floor of George Martin Hall, Room 104.


Is there a computer lab I can use? Where can I print something?

Yes! There is a computer lab on the top floor of Sir James Dunn Hall. You will be able to print in black and white and colour at this computer lab. Please note you will be given $5.00 (50 pages) of free print credits at the start of every academic year. Once you exhaust your free print credits, you will be able to purchase more at


There are additional computers and printers in the Dr. Daniel O’Brien Study Hall in Margret Norrie McCain Hall.


I don’t know any of my passwords. How do I get them?

If you just need to change your network password, you should go to:


If you've forgotten your network password, but have access to your STU email, you can reset your password at the site.


If you have forgotten your password and cannot access your STU email, you will need to go to the ITS Helpdesk. They are located on the top floor of Sir James Dunn Hall, Room 207.



How and when should I pay tuition & fees?

The university accepts cash, cheques, money orders, debit cards, and online banking. Students must arrange their payment by September 16 with the Financial Services Office. They are located on the first floor of George Martin Hall, Room 103.


I need to pay my tuition and fees late. How do I do that?

For late payments, you will need to speak with the Financial Services Office before September 16 and fill out a request late payment form. They are located on the first floor of George Martin Hall, Room 103.


Who do I talk to about scholarships/bursaries?

If you have questions about the application of your scholarship or bursary on your account, see the Registrar’s Office. They are located on the first floor of George Martin Hall, Room 101.


Where can I find a bank machine?

There is a Bank of Montreal ATM located on the main floor of Sir James Dunn Hall next to the STUSU Help Desk. There is another ATM and a small branch of Bank of Montreal next to the Campus Bookstore.


How do I purchase a meal plan?

To sign up for a meal plan, students living in residence must e-mail Residence Life at


Students can also purchase individual meals by going to the front desk in the Dining Hall, located on the first floor of George Martin Hall.


How do I get a student job?

To apply for both on-campus and off-campus student jobs, visit You can also speak with the Career Development Advisor, Erin Feicht. Her office is located on the third floor of George Martin Hall, Room 306.



Can off-campus students participate in Welcome Week?

Yes! Off-campus students can participate in every Welcome Week event besides Move-In.


When do I move in to residence?

Athletes (pre-approved by Athletics): August 26

New international students: August 29

All students: September 2


Who should I talk to about my residence-related questions?

You can ask questions to any of your in-house staff (Residence Advisors, Residence Coordinator), or you can email Residence Life at The Residence Life Office is located on the top floor of George Martin Hall, Room 303.


Student Life

How do I get involved with clubs & societies?

There will be a Clubs & Societies Fair during Welcome Week on Friday September 9th from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm on the main floor of Sir James Dunn Hall. You can also visit


How do I get involved with Campus Ministry?

Mass is celebrated at the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel located on the second floor of Holy Cross House every Sunday at 7pm. All are welcome to attend!


How do I get involved with Tommies Athletics?

If you are looking to get involved as a student athlete you can fill out the online recruitment form. Go to> Athletics>Become a Tommie!


Looking for other ways to get involved with the Tommies?

Work at the J.B. O'Keefe Fitness Centre: contact Abby Rivington (

Work as Game Day Staff at Tommies Home Games: contact Eric Moffatt (



STU - St. Thomas University

HCH - Holy Cross House

HAR - Harrington Hall

VAN - Vanier Hall

OC - Off-Campus

DDH - Donald C. Duffie Hall

JDH - Sir James Dunn Hall

ECH - Edmund Casey Hall

JBO - J.B. O’Keefe Fitness Centre

GMH - George Martin Hall

BMH - Brian Mulroney Hall

MMH - Margaret Norrie McCain Hall

SUB - Student Union Building

HIL - Harriet Irving Library



Welcome Week: Organized by the University’s Welcome Week Coordinator and the Student Unions’ Welcome Week Chair, Welcome Week is an annual experience for St. Thomas University’s incoming class, designed to help new students gain familiarity with campus and have a positive transition to student life. This first week is comprised of many fun events organized to encourage school/house pride as well as give first-year students the opportunity to connect with peers.


Dry Week: Welcome Week is a dry week, which means there is an alcohol and cannabis ban that applies to all students, regardless of their age or year of study.


St. Thomas University Students’ Union (STUSU): A democratically elected body, whose mission is to effectively represent and provide services to the students of St. Thomas University.