“A Well-Rounded Education Can’t be Complete Without Helping Others” — STUdents Give Back Through STU Cares Day of Action 

Students standing in wood frame home under construction

Each year, STUdents have the opportunity to participate in the STU Cares Day of Action—a day that provides  a meaningful way for  students to learn about the work of local community organizations through hands-on volunteer experience. 




“A great way to meet new people and give back to the community”  


Armando Mejia, a third-year STUdent from Honduras, volunteered with Ability NB— an organization that fosters independence and full community participation for individuals of all ages who have a spinal cord injury or mobility disability.  


After attending virtual classes for the past two years, Armando wanted to get better acquainted with his new community. 


“I felt like this was a great opportunity to meet new people and give back to the community. I’m happy I experimented with something new and feel compelled to seek more volunteering opportunities in the future,” he said.  


Maria “Cari” Guerrero, a fourth-year  student from Ecuador, also volunteered with Ability NB as a student leader. Cari has participated in STU Cares for the past three years which she said has complimented her courses and strengthened her educational experience.   


“I think programs like STU Cares are very important for students,” she said. 


“My courses have taught me the importance of inclusivity, diversity and being an advocate for vulnerable and marginalized groups. Volunteering has exposed me to the different realities and has shaped my perspective of how I can use my privilege to help others in need.” 




“A well-rounded education can’t be complete without helping others.” 


Eugenia Flores Rodriguez, a second-year STUdent from Mexico, volunteered with Fredericton Homeless Shelters, a nonprofit that provides safe, stable and temporary housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.  The organization also provides support through educational and budgeting skills and connects individuals with resources for mental health or addiction when needed.  


“We have this preconceived notion that being successful in university is all about excelling in academics. But I don’t think a well-rounded education can be complete without helping others,” Eugenia said.


“That involves being engaged and challenged not only as a student, but also as a human being.” 




“Allowed me to learn about what makes the community so unique” 


Grace Beaulieu, a third-year STUdent from Maine, volunteered with Habitat for Humanity — a non-profit charitable organization working to provide safe, decent, affordable housing to low-income families. 


Grace said STU Cares helped her find an organization to volunteer with and allowed her to meet new people. 


“There are so many great ways in which you can get involved in Fredericton that deciding where to help is slightly overwhelming. STU Cares allowed me to learn about what makes the community so unique and meet new students,” she said.  


Grace noted how a little help for local organizations can go a long way in making a positive difference. 


“Although we didn’t possess the same hands-on skills as the tradesmen that come in to build the homes, our time and effort were still very appreciated, “she said.  




STU Cares is an annual event organized by the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development and is open to all STUdents.