Student Initiative Fund – Call for Applications

Do you have a great idea for a project or event that would help to support student mental and well-being? Do you lack the money and/or resources to make it happen? Great news - The STUdent Initiative Fund was MADE for YOU!

The STUdent Initiative Fund (SIF) is a STU Mental Health / Healthy Campus enterprise which provides financial support and professional mentorship for student-led projects and events that align with the goals within our Mental Health Framework. This program allows students and student groups to build valuable skills, knowledge and experience while also identifying and closing gaps in programming on campus and thus improving the student experience for their peers. Students will receive financial and mentorship support throughout the process, allowing big ideas to become a reality!

Are you a current STU student or member of a STU student group who is interested in applying for a grant through the STUdent Initiative Fund? Here’s how:

  1. Brainstorm! What events or projects do you think would improve the mental health and well-being of your fellow STUdents?
  2. Review the STUdent Initiative Fund handbook to ensure your idea aligns with the goals within our Mental Health Framework. This handbook also provides more detailed information about the program and what to expect. Find the STUdent Initiative Fund Handbook.
  3. Apply! Students or student groups can apply for the STUdent Initiative Fund using our Application Form.

Applications for the STUdent Initiative Fund will be reviewed by a committee comprised of staff and students. If successful, this committee will assign a “mentor” to each successful SIF grant to ensure students and/or student groups have the support they need to make their ideas a reality!

For more information about the STUdent Initiative Fund, please email