Prof. Léo-James Lévesque Recognized for his Advancement of French Second Language Education

Education professor Léo-James Lévesque has received an Honorary Lifetime Member Award from the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) for his tireless advancement of second language education.

“Receiving this award reminds me that French second language teachers contribute greatly to Canadian bilingualism, and I am very proud to continue working with teachers to improve the learning of our official languages — in New Brunswick and in Canada,” Lévesque said.  


The award recognizes individuals from a variety of fields such as teaching, administration, research, public service, whose work has contributed significantly to language teaching and learning. 


Lévesque has spent his career championing second language learning and promoting the importance of bilingualism.  He will be the sixth person to receive this recognition from CASLT.


“New Brunswick is a flagship for bilingual education in Canada.  The anglophone school system in New Brunswick has seen many successes in French second language learning.  More and more students are graduating with increasing second language proficiency, benefiting from the opportunity provided by New Brunswick’s status as Canada’s only officially bilingual province,” he said. 

“Research confirms that knowledge of a second language strengthens first-language skills and that the ability to speak two or more languages generally enhances reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as creative-thinking skills. Learning a second language not only strengthens students’ ability to communicate, but also develops their capacity to understand and respect other cultures.”

Thanks to his wide-ranging expertise, drive, and dedication to the teaching of French second language, he is a highly sought-out expert and workshop leader across Canada on a variety of topics. He is the author of many children’s books and helped design and develop various educational resources and adapt teaching manuals now used by students throughout Canada.

Lévesque has a Master of Education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction. He is currently an assistant professor at St. Thomas University’s School of Education. He has also taught at the University of New Brunswick, the University of Prince Edward Island, and Memorial University in Newfoundland. 

He has won several awards over the years, among them the André-Obadia Excellence Award from the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI/CAIT) for his outstanding contribution to fostering French-language teaching in Canada. He has also received the J. Elmer Hynes Excellence in Leadership Award from Canadian Parents for French (CPF) as well as the Hilroy Scholarship Award, bestowed by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) in recognition of his innovation in the field of education.