Nominations Open for Faculty Awards for Teaching, Scholarship, and Service - Deadline Feb. 12

Nominations are being accepted for awards that recognize the outstanding contributions of our faculty members.  


  • The John McKendy Memorial Teaching Award recognizes the teaching quality and effectiveness of a full-time faculty member. 
  • The University Scholarship Award recognizes scholarly work of a full-time faculty member encompassing research, publications, and works of creative or cultural significance. 
  • The University Service Award recognizes contributions to the University, the profession, the Union, and the community by a full-time faculty member.
  • The Excellence in Part-Time Teaching Award recognizes the teaching of a part-time faculty member.  

These awards generally recognize individuals who make an outstanding contribution in the year in which the award is made; however, achievements which represent the culmination of several years’ work will also be considered.  

Nominations may be made to the Special Merit Awards Committee by students, faculty, alumni, or administrators in the form of a letter to the Vice-President (Academic and Research) that indicates the rationale for the nomination with reference to some or all of the criteria (please see more detailed information below). The letter may be multiply signed; however, the primary consideration will be the substance of the nomination rather than the number of signatories. 


Letters of nomination are due by Friday, February 12 at the Office of the Vice-President (Academic and Research) in McCain Hall, Room 400. If you are not able to bring your letter to campus, you may submit it via email to 

These prestigious awards recognize and honour excellence within our faculty and will be presented at Spring Convocation. I look forward to receiving your nominations.

Dr. Kim Fenwick  

Vice-President (Academic and Research) 


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