Call for Proposals for Student Research & Ideas Podcast

As an alternative to the traditional in-person Student Research & Ideas Fair, the Office of Research Services is inviting students to present their research in the form of an episode of a new Student Research & Ideas Podcast series.


Podcasting has many advantages. A high-quality, well-produced podcast is readily achievable and podcasts can be downloaded for listening precisely when people are (and need to be) away from screens. As podcasts are archivable, the research and ideas will continue to exist.


The Office of Research Services will co-ordinate all aspects of audio recording and production of the podcasts, and will assist students throughout. Detailed information on recording and production procedures will be sent to all students who submit proposals.


How to Participate


Students are invited to submit proposals to be included in the 2021 Student Research & Ideas podcast series. The required proposal form can be found here. Proposals must be received by Friday, February 19th at 5:00 pm. Please discuss your proposal with a faculty mentor before submitting.


The deadline for receipt of the “script” of your presentation will be Friday, March 12th at 5:00 pm.


We hope that you consider taking part in this new approach to student research at STU. As an added benefit to publicizing your research, the Student Research & Ideas Podcasts will be part of a research podcast series that would include interviews with faculty members, radio-style documentary podcasts based on faculty and research, and recordings of visiting lectures.


Please send any questions to Dr. Peter Toner, Associate Vice-President, (Research)