STUdents Learn, Gain Experience, and Give Back to the Community Through Fall 2020 Internships

Our internship program combines academic learning with an opportunity to gain professional experience. These internships allow STUdents to put their in-class learning to work and see firsthand how the skills from their liberal arts education translate into the workforce.


Hanna Bustos – Multicultural Association of Fredericton

Fourth-year STUdent Hanna Bustos has been working to create positive spaces and experiences for youth as a Newcomer Children and Youth Program Support Worker with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.


In her position, Bustos develops engaging activities for children to socialize and build connections, while fostering their self-esteem and developing their sense of belonging in the community.


One way she’s accomplished this is through leading guitar lessons—something she says is more impactful than she first realized.


“In the beginning I thought the guitar classes were just a regular task, but then I realized it was important for the association because they need me to connect with these students,” she said.

“The classes are a way for them to have fun in a secure environment.” 


Emma Connors – OPAL Family Services

Second-year STUdent Emma Connors has been working to develop and grow an after-school program for children with intellectual disabilities as an intern with OPAL Family Services.


Through her placement, which is offered as a Community-based Internship Class, Connors is responsible for organizing activities for the children, coordinating staff, and managing the program’s volunteers.


“I was so excited to further my work experience in the field of social work and non-profit organizations while earning class credit—it was a win-win situation for me,” Connors said.


“Through my work with OPAL, I’ve learned that communication is much more than telling people what the plan is and how to best help the child they’re working with. Communication involves listening, tone, and the time and place of a conversation.”


For Connors, this experience has helped solidify her future plans.


“At the end of the day, what this internship did for me is solidify my love and passion to pursue a career in social work.”


Lisa Hanke – New Brunswick Association of Social Workers 

Lisa Hanke, a STUdent in the Bachelor of Social Work program, developed new confidence that will benefit her in her career through her internship experience with the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers.


Hanke, who worked as a Members Engagement Intern, was tasked with gathering information that will assist the association in operationalizing the Advanced Practice Registered Social Work Stream which will allow social workers in the province to use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders.


This work provided Hanke with exposure to the governing body’s role and responsibilities and helped shape her into a more well-rounded social worker.


“I feel confident in my professional judgement, in the opinions I voiced, and the work I’ve done,” she said. “I’ve gotten more expertise with the NBASW by-laws and Code of Ethics, collaborated closely with the Registrar of the association, and have grown as a social worker. I’m forever grateful to have worked with them.”