NB Legislature Internship to be Re-offered: Applications due Dec. 10

For the second time, the New Brunswick Legislature is offering an internship for upper-year students in the province.


The New Brunswick Legislative Internship Program began as a pilot project that was developed by Political Science professor Dr. Tom Bateman, in partnership with the government and the Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning.


The program was designed to give students an immersive experience that would add a practical element to their in-class learning.


“To be immersed in the daily working of these institutions is to appreciate how they operate in the particular events and problems of contemporary life,” Dr. Bateman said.


“A legislative intern is exposed to the cross-pressures bearing on governments and MLAs, and how new ideas and challenges interact with established laws, norms, and administrative structures—it’s a bracing and intriguing practical introduction to the world of democratic government.”


Under the supervision of the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, interns conduct research and provide other assistance to Members of the Legislative Assembly, legislative committees, and to Officers of the Assembly. This provides students with practical knowledge of the legislative process and the many roles of its members, and allows them to be involved in public policy development.


Erickson Miranda, now a STU alumnus, was the first student to take part in the program during its pilot stage.


“Having knowledge of the ‘Standing Rules’ and how parliamentary systems work from my Political Science courses gave me an understanding of why things happen the way they do,” he said.


“My main contribution during the internship was the work done to provide guidance and in-depth analyses on different topics that could eventually be used when introducing new public policies.”


The six-month internship begins in January 2021. Interested students can submit an application—including a CV, academic transcript, and list of references—through the Learning in Action portal. The application deadline is December 10, 2020.