Student Work on Display in the Yellow Box Gallery’s “Stretching the Threads” Exhibit

Fine Arts students are showcasing their work in the latest Yellow Box Gallery exhibit “Stretching the Threads.”

The exhibit includes pieces ranging from needlepoint to collage and will run until February 24.

Thalia Ackroyd, a fourth-year student from Nova Scotia, is looking forward to having her artwork on display in the gallery.

 “Having our work put in a gallery that not only gets recognition from our peers but also from the university is an excellent opportunity to have our work seen and discovered,” she said.

Ackroyd’s piece for the exhibit is a book alter titled “Alice in Wonderland out of the book.” It was created by carving out and painting an old book to produce a 3D effect when on display. The piece embodies Ackroyd’s two fields of interest—English and Fine Arts.

“Growing up I was always reading and I have a passion for literature even now,” she said. “I think children’s stories and books are super important. Their morals and whimsy are not only good for children but adults, too.”

Thea Stewart, a Political Science student from Prince Edward Island, was also inspired by a love for literature. Her work titled “Down the Hobbit Hole” is an interactive fibre art piece made from a quilted square that’s been embroidered and cross-stitched.

“I was inspired by my love of J.R.R. Tolkien's work, especially The Hobbit,” she said. “I was also inspired by other fibre art pieces portraying children's literature like in the Children's Literature Collection at the Harriet Irving Library and quilts depicting scenery that I recall seeing in 4-H exhibitions when I was young.”

Kim Vose Jones, Director of the Yellow Box Gallery, believes hosting an annual student-focused exhibition provides an important avenue for students to publicize their ideas and express their reactions to issues and subjects they engage with in class.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job has been interacting with our student population, and observing how they bring what they’re learning in their other liberal arts classes to life through their artwork,” she said.

Admission to the Yellow Box Gallery—located on the third floor of Margaret McCain Hall—and the “Stretching the Thread” exhibit is free. The official opening of the exhibit will be Friday, January 18 at 12:00 pm. All are welcome and refreshments will be served.