A Letter to a Future STUdent: Claire Leighton, Moncton, NB

Hey Future STUdent!

My name is Claire Leighton and I’m a first-year STUdent from Moncton, NB. I’m so happy to be writing to you about my favourite place in the world. I’ve been a STUdent for only five months but couldn’t be happier with my choice of university.

Making the Decision

Unlike many people, I had my eyes set on my university of choice since the ninth grade. For me, St. Thomas couldn’t have been more perfect. As a purely liberal arts school, I knew St. Thomas would nurture all of my passions and values. I stayed true to my instincts, trusting that St. Thomas would be the first step in finding my dreams and my people.

My First Weeks

I immediately felt at home at St. Thomas. I’m a person who’s much more reserved and introverted, so while I did participate in the many exciting and inclusive Welcome Week activities, I also easily found beautiful places around campus to recharge and get some quiet time. After a few hours of meeting people, I would go sit in one of our comfortable lounges or patios surrounded by plants with string lights overhead. Whether you’re outgoing or a little shy, there’s something for everyone. If you’re outgoing and energetic there’s the Cheer-Off, campus-wide games, and dances. If you’re more laid back and relaxed there are talent shows and other entertainment to sit back, relax, and watch.

What Classes are Like

St. Thomas is a place with passion and it shows in the classroom. Because of the small classes, there’s a genuine connection between the students and the professors and learning becomes more of a conversation than a “sit and listen” class.

What STU has Done for Me

St. Thomas was exactly where I always needed to be. My liberal arts education has already allowed me to think more deeply and become a well-rounded person. Being in a positive, passionate, and aesthetically pleasing environment like St. Thomas has made me more inspired, more motivated, and simply happier. It has been everything I dreamed it would be!

I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with St. Thomas!


Claire Leighton