Yellow Box Participatory Chalkboard Project

Yellow Box Participatory Chalkboard Project invites community members to reflect and share individual hopes and aspirations on the large rolling chalkboard currently installed in the Yellow Box Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to complete the sentence prompts on both sides of the board. On one side is written: “My favourite place is__________” and on the other side: “In my lifetime I would love to__________”. 

Community members are invited to record their personal aspirations, reflect on their lives, contemplate their futures, and share these thoughts with the rest of the community. This piece challenges us to talk about what we want to accomplish in our lifetimes, our travels and hopes for the future. The original concept came from New Orleans artist Candy Chang who painted the words “Before I die I want to” on an abandoned house in 2011 and encouraged her neighbors to share their experiences and thoughts using chalk. Since then, more than 2,000 sharing walls have been built in over 70 countries.

The exhibit is open until March 2. All are welcome.