Moving East for University: letter to future STUdents

Hey future STUdents!

My name is Sarah Kohut, and I’m a first-year student at St. Thomas University (STU) from Niagara Falls, ON. I’m pleased to be writing to you today, hoping I can help make the nerve-wracking decision of choosing a university a bit easier.

Making the Decision
I looked at numerous universities in Ontario, most of which had over 10,000 students. Being quite shy, the idea of such a large university worried me. After my school hosted an “Atlantic Universities Fair,” I was drawn to STU because of their slogan: The small university of big opportunities. Learning STU was focused exclusively on liberal arts and had many scholarship and bursary opportunities, I felt this was where I was destined to go.

My First Weeks

Before coming to STU, I didn’t know a single person at the university. I was moving away from my childhood home for the first time to a brand new province. I was nervous as my family and I approached campus on move-in day, but we were greeted by enthusiastic Welcome Week leaders holding signs and smiling from ear to ear—my nerves disappeared.

Welcome Week is full of fun and informative activities to help ease you into your new life at STU! I met a phenomenal group of people who are now my closest friends. Living in residence is amazing—my friends are just a walk down the hall! Before I knew it, the nervous person I was before coming to STU was replaced by someone who felt as if she’d lived at STU for years.

What Classes Are Like

Coming from a small high school, I valued having a close relationship with my teachers and classmates. The experience here is very similar, with classes capped at 60 students. The professors at STU are amazing; after the first few classes they know your name, and they are always available for extra help.

What St. Thomas Has Done for Me
St. Thomas has given me the opportunity to further pursue old passions and explore new ones. I’ve been able to grow not only as a student, but as an individual.

STU truly embodies its motto, as there are opportunities everywhere just waiting to be pursued.

Best of luck, and I hope you fall in love with STU just as I did!

Sarah Kohut

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